Good morning President Adama Barrow,

Mr. President, the local press reported on Thursday that General Francois Ndiaye the Commanding Officer leading the ECOMIG forces to make sure Yaya Jammeh respects the will and the verdict of the Gambian voters, completed his mission in the Gambia and bid farewell to your Excellency. What we did not hear from the press is the absence a Medal Decoration for General Ndiaye for mission well accomplish without a single bullet shot. From CDS General Massaneh Kinteh to the Honorable Ministers of Foreign Affairs and the Interior all failed to remind you that ‘Koloreh Ganaw Lai Fetoh”.

How can You and your Excellency’s close Collaborators forget such an important gesture to personalities who laid their lives to save our democracy and made sure your mandate becomes a reality and official? “Mbakoko, Theiy Gambia”.

In fact Mr. President during your recent state visit to Senegal President Macky Sall decorated your Excellency.

Mr. President, always remember, that the Gambia did not spend a dalasi for the mobilization cost of ECOMIG forces to the Gambia. Other countries and the International Community took it upon themselves to foot the bills of ECOMIG.

We should therefor always be thankful to them in our prayers.

Here I will remind Gambians a famous and boring utterance of Yaya Jammeh’s sayings; the world is three days, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The Gambia shall ever be grateful to ALL that came to our AID when we most needed them.

Hopefully Mr. President you will repair the mistake in due course.

Finally Mr. President please do not forget your daily walking exercise “Loll” and let the press be free and vibrant within the confines of law.

Have a good day Mr. President.

Written by Pa Njie Girigara.

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