Dear Pa,


Please allow me a space in your international renowned newspaper. I want to register my dissatisfaction with the MP selection process in Upper Fulladu West Constituency by the UDP/Coalition Party. The whole selection process was a total scam. I am going to explain just that now to paint a clear picture of the selection process. We have 135 villages in this constituency and in my opinion all these villages should be represented by an individual but NO. According to the selection committee headed by Manneh Sama of Bantanto Village, they have 44 members. We do not know how they (selection committee) are selected and the aspirants know not either.  Some villages were having up to 3 reps in the selection committee.

There were 12 aspirants for the selection, in the first round of selection they were made to buy a form for one thousand dalasi (D1000) to attach their documents to prove their eligibility for consideration. After some consultative meetings, they meet to select their candidate of choice. During the selection day, they agreed to select the best 3 candidates and votes for them to select a final candidate. This decision didn’t go well with the top brass of the selection committee because their desired candidate (the one they sold the seat to) would not have feature in the best three. Instead they said hence the difference in paper qualification is almost the same; they agreed that all the 12 contestants should be given equal opportunity to be voted for as a finalist.

This was a big insult and a slap on the face for those who are degree holders for the fact that the selection committee has said those with only grade 12 certificates are the same as those having Bachelor degrees. The scam was that their favored candidate only has a grade 12 certificate and for the fact that they ignored the constitutional requirement for aspiring MPs to have stayed in their constituency for at least one year prior to nomination. Sanna Jawara has not been in the constituency for the past 15-18 years and he only started coming to Bansang when Adama Barrow was sworn in as a president.

An opportunist in every aspect of the word, he came and bribe the selection committee so that they can vote for him during the selection process by ignoring any criteria that may disqualify him. He got 33 votes out of the 44 votes casted.

This final outcome didn’t go well with the common people in the various communities and others has even categorically put it clear to the selection  committee that they don’t want to see the candidate in their villages because they are not going to vote for him. This action has prompted some of the aspirants to withdraw their support for the UDP/coalition party and someone has even opted to be an independent candidate.

This will be total failure for them and no amount of campaign will make them to win because the electorates has despise them all as bunches of illiterates who do not have any political or development agenda for the constituency but opportunist and corrupt officials who has sold the seat to the highest bidder. The guy selected (Sanna Jawara) don’t even have a home in Bansang but usually stay in the lodges whenever he visited.

To conclude, I want everyone to know this is a complete subvert of the will of the people which is only comparable to what Yahya Jammeh did when he rejected the December pools result. We are really disappointed and all the aspirants have withdrawn their support for the selected candidate. My advice for Sanna Jawara is to withdraw his candidacy and save the UDP resources rather mounting a useless campaign in which he will woefully fail.

By a Concerned Electorate

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