Transition government spokesman Halifa Sallah, says there is no coalition alliance formed in the coming elections, while warning Gambians to brace up for a big surprise, as the parties which committed itself to effecting a meaningful democratic change, have now parted company ahead of the National Assembly election scheduled for April. Mr. Sallah, was speaking during a news conference today. He said political parties which propelled Adama Barrow, into the presidency, have decided to sponsor their own candidates to take part in the upcoming polls. This he said, was in contrast to the coalition’s set aims and objectives.

Mr. Sallah, also took a swipe at the Barrow Executive. He said Ministers appointed by Barrow, are taking part in active politics by calling on the electorate to vote for  certain candidates handpicked by Ministers, who should be scrutinized by the Legislature in a true democratic dispensation. Mr. Sallah questioned the rationale behind the recent change—given the lack of separation of powers in the new dispensation. He said it is wrong for Ministers to use their positions to meddle into the activities of the legislature. He noted that it is illogical to see members of the Executive trying to control or dominate the Legislature. This he warns, is not good for Gambia’s much anticipated democratic change. 

According Mr. Sallah, there cannot be true and functional democracy if the Executive is openly trying to control the narrative at the Legislature. He said the Executive and the Legislature should operate independently. 

“This was not why we wanted change. The old government was doing the same thing. Under the constitution, the Executive in power can fire MPS not serving its interest or toeing to its dictates. If we have Ministers in this new government trying to prop up MPS, that they can micromanage or manipulate, then what are they up to? This is contrary to why we wanted change of political leadership,” Sallah tersely said.

Mr. Sallah also sent his critics to the cleaners. He said those spewing false information painting him and the PDOIS as enemies of president Barrow are up to no good. He said the PDOIS will never act against the interest of Gambians and democracy. 

“The PDOIS is not against president Barrow. Those saying Halifa wants to use the House to fight Barrow, are just afraid of the truth. If they believe in the truth, they shouldn’t be afraid of Halifa or the PDOIS. Now it is evident that their primary goal is to have a House that they can control. That’s against the principles of separation of powers,” Halifa said.

Mr. Sallah said the PDOIS refused to be part of any scheme that will cause a setback to the current change. He challenged Gambians to stand up to injustice, unnecessary power accumulation, and dictatorship.

“Power belongs to the people. The choice is yours now Gambia. You either do the right thing by electing honest, sincere, and independent minded Gambians into the house, or risked returning to dictatorship. You do not want to be born  in dictatorship, grow in hardship, and die in abject poverty. Power belongs to the people. Let make it happen in this coming elections by electing the right people,” he said.

Written By A Staff Writer 

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