Plans are afoot to have the APRC National Spokesman and former Information Minister Seedy Njie, arrested ahead of the April elections, this medium has gathered. Mr. Njie, who is the main brain behind the reorganizing of the disintegrated the APRC party, following the fall of their leader former dictator Jammeh, is at the risk of being arrested on trumped up charges, sources said.  Also lined up to be arrested is Fabakary Tomong Jatta, the leader of the APRC.

Mr. Njie is said to be aware of the ongoing scheme to have him arrested on trumped up charges together with Fabakary Tomong Jatta. A source said Mr. Njie has confirmed the story to him. Our source said Mr. Njie was tipped off by some insiders at the SIS, formally known as the NIA about his looming arrest.

Mr. Njie’s arrest will undermine the freeness and fairness of the elections. Mr. Njie has submitted his nomination papers as a candidate for Nianijah.

Below is the information we received from the APRC.  We tried to reach the Minister of Interior for comment but without success.


Possible plans and plots to ground APRC Seedy SK Njie  AND Fabakary Tombong Jatta 

Following a massive regrouping and mobilisation of APRC militants across the country and a successful nationwide tour in preparation for the parliamentary elections,  there are credible sources circulating in town within the ranks and groups charts of UDP/led coalition government that the party need to strategize and arrest APRC’S Seedy SK Njie and Fabakary Tombong Jatta, who are seen as real threats to the UDP as the formidable behind the APRC of recent is alarming for the UDP . The intelligence gathering intercepted indicated various plots to get the two in order to weaken the APRC.

We have been  reliably informed by UDP insiders that following a mass political rally organised by the APRC in Banjulinding in which political pundits described as the biggest political gathering of recent times is indicative of the APRC growing popularity and is signal that the party is heading to majority in the forthcoming parliamentary elections.  The source further states that with the duo if they are not controlled, the APRC, would return to power anytime soon as the coalition is busy fighting each other. The UDP wants them to be arrested and they are on the NIA and Police radar as surveillance on them is intensified.

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