Veteran Gambian lawyer Sheriff Tambadou, has vehemently denied having knowledge about the alleged arrest of his client Lang Tombong Tamba, few days ago, in regards to the murder of Gambia’s former spy chief Daba Marena and others. Mr. Tambadou also denied lobbying for his client’s arrest and subsequent release from police custody to be made secret.

“That’s news to me. I am not aware of the arrest of Lang Tombong Tamba. When was he arrested? That’s news to me,” said Tambadou.

This followed an email received by the Freedom Newspaper in which one Louie, alleged that Mr. Tambadou, was among those who lobbied for Lang’s arrest not to be made public. 

“Dear Pa Nderry, can you please investigate the arrest of Lang Tombong Tamba in regards to the death of Daba Marena and Co . I was in formed by a credible source that Lang Tombong was arrested but his lawyer Sheriff Tambadou, intervened through his brother and Mai Fatty, for the arrest to be a secret. My source also indicated that a ,,,,,was made to Mai Fatty for his release. Please Investigate this Story. Regards Louie.”

Speaking to this medium on Saturday, Mr. Tambadou, said the alleged report is totally false and unfounded. He said for anyone to suggest that he has taken part in such frivolous acts is a lie.

Earlier on, Lang Tombong, was contacted on his cellular phone, but his line went on voicemail. This was prior to contacting his lawyer Sheriff Tambadou for comment. 

On Sunday, hours after speaking to his attorney, Lang, was again contacted, but his cellular phone appeared to have been switched off. His phone was completely off.

Lang Tombong Tamba, was the Chief of Defense staff at the time of the murder of Daba Marena, Ebou Lowe, Alieu Ceesay, Alpha Bah, and Manlafi Corr. He implicated Daba Marena in his statement to the NIA and former Dictator Yahya Jammeh. This led to the arrest of Daba and his subsequent execution by the jungullars. 

Interior Mai Fatty could not be reached for immediate comment.

The late Daba Marena, is an uncle to the current CDS Masaneh Kinteh. Daba contributed towards Masaneh’s professional development as an officer. Like other concerned family members, Masaneh, would loved to see justice in the case of Daba Marena. His uncle got murdered while he was the Deputy CDS. 

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