Halifa Sallah of People’s Democratic Orgnisation  for Independence and Socialism (PDOIS) has finally spilled the beans on the outcome of Coalition talks to run under the same ticket in the upcoming National Assembly elections, revealing that political parties will put up candidates vying for a seat in Parliament.

“We have duly been nominated. We are waiting for our colleagues in the other regions to give us the necessary information to be able to give you the number of seats the party is contesting,” PDOIS emblematic figure told journalists on Saturday during a press conference at PDOIS HQ in Churschill’s Town, Serrekunda.

Halifa Sallah press briefing came a time when Coalition member parties failed to avert split in the parliamentary elections. Candidates, vyng to be elected National Assembly Member on April 6, 2017, will have to be sponsored by their party. A scenario of disunity that was not expected as Coalition parties agreed to run under Tactical Alliance.

In KMC alone, PDOIS has fielded candidates for  Yundum, Serrekunda Central and West, Bundung and Latrikunda Sabiji.

“That should be a surprise to many. We were made to understand that we have a Tactical Alliance,” he stated.

Getting back to heated political rhetoric, Sallah made It clear that they have been very patient with the truth. “Deception is no longer
possible,” he warned.

He took the opportunity to explain the role played by his party in spearheading the negotiations leading to the formation of Coalition
2016, but also the efforts put up during the political impasse that followed Dec.1st Presidential elections in ensuring that things will not escalate.

“All Gambians know the truth, but we do not want to accept the truth,” he said.

Reiterating the importance of the National Assembly, PDOIS leader emphasized the need  to have competent representatives to be able to carry out their task.

“Our destiny, under a coalition government, is in the National Assembly,” he said.

As the tiny West African nation is going through crucial times, the veteran politician called on Gambians to take their destiny into their

“Gambia is battling for its destiny. Your vote now matters,” Sallah reminded Gambians.

Written by Abdoulie JOHN

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