Why this witch hunting? Why is Amadou Sanneh, Mai Fatty, and Osainou Darboe witch hunting our erudite and competent MD Mr Graham on adhering to Executives Directives, when his Predecessors like Tumbul Danso, Mr. M L Gibba and Mr Andrew Sylva also adhered to Executives Directives and Tumbul Danso had unprofessionally released cash to the tune of US$ 1,000,000 (one Million Dollars) to the office of the president. (See Attached Documents), while prematurely interdicted our MD Mr. Graham with suspension on half salary pending investigation.

When current SG Fadera and all those Ministers, who were adhering to Executive Directives to arrest, dismiss, and terminate the services of innocent people. Is this not witch hunting? Mr Amadou Sanneh, why jump the gun and start with parastatal Managing Directors and chosen to spare the kinds of Mrs. Iatou Njie Saidy, who was second in command form such probing and investigation? . It is because her Late Husband Mr. Jay Saindy, financed the cost of your education and that of Ousianou Darboe, is this not blatant nepotism and favoritism?.

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We have decided to make it known to the whole world how Mr Graham, our hardworking MD mustered his courage to write to then President Yaya Jammeh to pay the Loans given out to Government under Executive Directives(Please see attached letters).

In response to our MD’s letter, the then President set up  a Task force to direct all Concerned Institutions , like GRTS, NAWEC, GGC, Ministry of Finance and Office of the President to pay their loans. Please find attached some of the supporting documents.

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