Good morning President Barrow,

Mr. President, Gambians were happy to learn that the First Lady went to Senegal on a private visit and the bill paid by you. This is a laudable move away from Jammeh’s misuse of public funds. Kudos! Mr. President.

Mr. President, Gambians were also happy to learn that you replaced practically all the MD’s of our public corporations. This is a highly welcome move appreciated by taxpayers and consumers.

Mr. President, please also extend your scrutiny to those private and semi-private-public companies that were created by Jammeh’s business enablers. These Jammeh fronting private companies are the milking cows of Yaya Jammeh even in exile and many of them benefited and still benefit monopoly status at the detriment of other private companies. 

Mr. President, remember Yaya Jammeh was more of a businessman than a statesman, it that, he out-maneuvered many private companies out of business to a point that many left the Gambian business environment for other countries.

Mr. President, please also scrutinize the fishing licenses, most if not all are given to foreigners. In many of these foreigners countries of origin Gambian businessmen will never be grant such privileges.

Finally Mr. President, making surprise visits to Ministries, Public corporations and Private companies and inter-act with the personnel will make them feel good and proud of you.

To conclude Mr. President please open up the TV licenses without restrictions as it is purely a business venture and those that cannot get the audience and content to attract publicity that enable them make profit will go out of business naturally.

This way, you will not be seen to be bias in the granting of TV licenses.

Mr. President, you should not recommend giving TV and Radio licenses to GSM companies as their businesses should be seen to paying private media companies for advertisements. That is more ethical and less greedy on their part as they already control financially lucrative GSM licenses that are not readily available to all and sundry.

Have a good day Mr. President.

Written by Pa Njie Girigara.

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