My take on the current situation in Gambian politics.. Below is an extract of some really alarming words by the ever honest uncle Halifa Sallah and I quote: “Power belongs to the people. The choice is yours now Gambia. You either do the right thing by electing honest, sincere, and independent minded Gambians into the house, or risk returning to dictatorship. You do not want to be born  in dictatorship, grow in hardship, and die in abject poverty. Power belongs to the people. Let’s make it happen in this coming elections by electing the right people.” 

It is actually indeed very sad and discouraging that “THE CHANGE” Gambian people have always emphasised upon all these years came into effect BUT not turning out to be what the majority of Gambian people yearned for. As it turns out, it is one silly issue after the other.

I wonder why it is so hard to find honest, sincere and of course God fearing politicians in our generation. 

Maybe yes it is a bit too early to judge the Barrow administration but the early signs are not encouraging at all.

Already, we have seen appointments of ministers who have pending cases at the courts as well as the appointment of an over aged vice president which are contradictory to the 1997 constitution of our beloved nation. Not too long ago, a journalist Kebba Jeffang was assaulted by supporters of this new government in the presence of foreign affairs minister Lawyer Ousainou Darbo, Tourism minister Hamat Bah and the Interior minister Mai Ahmad Fatty. The latter was heard saying “he is a PDOIS militant” and he in turn made a Facebook post condemning the act. I call this hypocrisy at its worst.

The only major difference that we have seen so far is that people are not disappearing as in the previous government. And who knows, that might even change with time. We are already sick and tired of all that’s been happening around us and I believe Gambians have opened there eyes now and for good. If Gambian people could get rid of former president Yahya Jammeh through the ballot box, then it is indeed a fact that we could get rid of whosoever again by the same means. 

A word for the wise is enough!

“Soff ngen torop waye yen. Ahhhh”

Written By Dawda Jaye, Banjul 

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