Gambia’s First Lady Fatoumatta Bah Barrow, has arrived in Dakar, Senegal, to attend a private wedding party, the Freedom Newspaper can report. She has been accompanied by a sizable delegation. She and her delegation have been hosted at the luxurious King Fahad hotel in Dakar.

Contrary to reports that the First Lady, was a special guest of president Sall’s wife, sources in the Senegalese capital said Ms. Fatoumatta Bah, was invited to attend the wedding of one Abdoulaye Cham. Mr. Cham invited president Barrow’s wife to witness his wedding ceremony.

It is not clear under whose expense the First Lady and her delegation’s upkeep would be on, sources said Ms. Bah was Mr. Cham’s guest. Under the Gambian constitution, the First Lady, and that of her family’s upkeep should be footed by the state. Although, it is not clear what the law says when she embarks on private related ventures outside the purview of the state house. The person, who invited her to attend the wedding is a private citizen, and not an employee of the state. It is our fervent belief that she is entitled to such protocol and budgetary expenses, provided that such privileges is not being abused. 

“For anyone to suggest that the First Lady was a guest of Senegal’s First Lady is a blatant lie. I live in Senegal, and I am privy to her trip. She was invited by Abdoulaye Cham to attend his wedding party. She and her delegation have been hosted at King Fahad Hotel, one of the most expensive hotels in Senegal. This was the hotel cocktail party was held when president Barrow was in Senegal,” he said.

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