Dear Pa Nderry Mbai,

Thank you for the mail.

Good analysis of yesterday’s program. My wolof friends were not happy about the way you said on the program that only Mandikas and the UDP were the one fighting the Jammeh regime and the wolofs were only busy looking for money which makes them have the right to Mandinkanise the entire government and institutions. They claimed that when Jammeh came to power and suspended the constitution and the political parties, it was Halifa Sallh and Sidia Jatta, who went out in the streets selling the FOROYAA newspaper which led to their arrest and HALIFA and Sidia Jatta were the only one fighting the regime and were arrested on many occasions. They also said that OJ Jallow, was more arrested and tortured than Ousainou Darboe.. 

They also said that the struggle both home and abroad are of the same effect.

They respect you for being the champion of the struggle and you are a not a Mandika and you and your family suffered more than any other family.

This was a heated argument at my place yesterday, where all my friends used to come to listen to the LERAL SHOW on Freedom.. Pa , you are a highly respected figure with a high amount of listeners of Freedom show . Among my friends, who were at my house listening to show were also Mandikas, who misinterpreted you by saying that you even acknowledged that they were the only group fighting the Jammeh regime. 

Modou Jobe , one of my friends started calling out the names of wolof people, who sacrificed their lives, family and resources for the struggle and also deserved commendation. Here are the names he was calling out as also Heroes of the struggle.

1- Pa Nderry Mbai — Wolof ( sacrificed much more than the most in the struggle)
2- Ndour Cham –Wolof  (died trying to overthrow the dictator)
3–Captain Njaga Jagne –Wolof  ( US Army, died trying to overthrow the dictator)
4Jaja Nyass  —  Wolof  ( died in Action to overthrow the dictator) .
5–Manlafi Corr — ( died in action.   —————————–)
6– Abdou Gaye Wolof businessman–Wolof  ( killed for unknowingly criticising the dictator in the presence of an NIA and got arrested.
7– Modou Njie–Wolof  ( captured and brutally tortured during Dec 30th coup attempt).
8 Cherno Njie — Wolof ( financed the dec30th attack)
9 -Ebou lowe. — WOLOF ( captured and killed)

I cannot remember the entire list and I could see that my wolof friends misunderstood you and believe that the comment is legitimizing the Mandika government and they felt that it is very unfair for Darboe and the UDP to Mandinkanise the government. A lot of people felt disappointed with the Barrow government and understand what is going on in the government .

Pa , I thank you very much for your time and just wanted to let you know.

I believe you know what to do about this situation.

Kind Regards ,

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