Hello Pa, this is Dawda again,

I would start by extending my appreciation to you for the space accorded to me and many other Gambians out there to express our
opinions on situations in our motherland, The Gambia.

To start with, I  would admit that I was initially not a fan of the Freedom Newspaper. My belief was that you are one of many Gambians in the diaspora who joined the struggle and fought through thick and thin to see former president Yaya Jammeh out of office just only to see themselves back home and not based on the interest of the nation.

But to tell you the truth, you have proven me wrong and I sincerely admit. You are one of the very few IMPARTIAL journalists The Gambia have. I am a frequent follower of your widely read newspaper and I have seen you published articles that are entirely based on criticisms directed at you. Not everybody can withstand criticisms as we all know.

It is indeed a fact that so many Gambians out there have the same belief I had thinking that you were only after your own interest criticizing Mr Jammeh just to see yourself back home and reunite with the many friends and family you left back home. So thumbs up to you bro for the good work. Keep it going.

In this article, I would like to point out an issue that has no national gain but only keeps us stagnant or maybe even drag us backwards. This is a similarity between the former regime of Yaya Jammeh and the present Barrow administration.


Our Mandinka brothers and sisters believe that former President Yaya Jammeh was hostile towards them especially during the latter part of his reign. He based it on the notion they had that this country belongs to them. The reason why they say so, I have no idea but during the time that Lawyer Darboe was going to court, his followers flooded the streets and the most notable phrase that came out of their mouths was “We are coming to take back our country”.. He Yaya Jammeh, doing whatever he wanted to them with regards to witch hunting later on publicly responded to that making it clear that The Gambia belongs to all of us and to no single tribe. A lot of people disappeared and the most fortunate ones were sent to the prisons. With all honesty, that was brutal. Similarly, its been three months since the barrow regime took over and it has become pay back time. Jola officials are being witch haunted, relieved of their duties and being replaced by mandinkas.

I want to re-echo Jammeh’s words that Gambia does not belong to no single tribe. Gambia is a small country and we have various ethnic groups in this country. Tribalism does not have a place in our society.

” For if we insist on pursuing our personal goals without keeping our collective Objectives and responsibilities in mind, then indeed we shall be divided and divided we shall fall” As it is said in our national pledge. It is high time we all come together irrespective of our tribes and make Gambia what we want it to be and of course take this nation to higher heights. Then our children and great grandchildren will reap the rewards. Thank you! “Keep us great God of Nations, To The Gambia Ever True.”

Written By Dawda Jaye, Banjul 

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