Dear Pa,  

I write to you to inform you of the following disturbing behavior of a top education official in the Gambia for the past three years,

Since the demise of Mr. Momodou N Samateh, former Principal of Kinderdorf Bottrop Technical Senior Secondary  3 years ago, Mr. Martin Gomez formerly of St Augustine’s Senior Secondary school in Banjul, was brought to replace him. He was brought in the wake of his troubles with Students and the proprietors of St’s Augustine Senior Secondary School.  This led to his demotion and transfer to Kunkujang Senior Secondary School, where he never took over office at Kunkujang and was later investigated and sacked for financial mismanagement at St Augustine’s Senior Secondary School.

During this Period, he was and still the GTU President, and also President of the Secondary school Sports Association. Therefore, he needed to be Principal to be eligible for these positions.

The sad story here is, he inherited the School as the richest senior schools of the country due to proper management by former principal, who was also an economist.  He clearly mentioned in his private conversation with friends outside and within the school that it is the richest ever school he has seen in the Gambia for his 17 years career as Principal, and even mentioned that the school has over D3 million reserves.

He first started with hiring and firing of teachers with a Board Chair of Madam Mariama Ndow, of the Gambia College. Replace his Accountant with a Manjago Relative,  a position which was never advertised for transparency in the first place. Then started paying her Graduate salary, with all her False Documents. He will then sack Gambians hire None Gambians in which he will claim they are less qualified for the job of teaching in his school just because they will expose his act. Most of his foreign teachers are also paid better salaries than Gambians and there is a lot of inequality among even the ancillary staff.

As he started hiring foreign teacher who were sacked by students from other schools like Fatima Senior Secondary School, he created positions like Directors of Science, Mathematics, English and literature, Commerce etc , thereby making the responsibilities of heads of Department useless and frustrating for those HoD’s to leave. This HoD’s are Normally Gambians. All of his recruiting has never gone through the right process. He conducts interviews by phones calls and their degrees and qualifications are verbally discussed and confirmed without any verification process.

Unconfirmed reports from the school believe that he has been ordering teachers from Sierra Leone on several occasions but they never arrived. The unconfirmed info is that they never arrived because the agent failed him and ate over D80.000. His agent is called Momoh Bodey Vandi.

He is believed to be backed by the then Minister of MoBSE Fatou Lamin Faye and Babucarr Boye PS, who also needed to be replaced by the Barrow led Government. They are suspected to be forming teams and collecting kickbacks from Principals.  They have a system called (SIG) School Improvement Grant.

Some of the teachers, who claim to be Masters holders are and need to be thoroughly screen: 1. Momoh Bodey Vandi, who is wanted in Sierra Leone for crime during and shortly after the War. 2. Prince Koroma who is a High School Product and also claiming to be a graduate is spreading the idea that all his Documents got burnt During the War in Sierra loan. They also include:  Sameul Vamboi, Joseph Koroma, Keneth Kamara Almamy Touray, All are of the Same Category.  He also employed and Sacked One Brother Nigerian Mr Nwigwe Ugochukwu (nicknamed mike). His sacking came as a result of having affairs with one current G12 student at a lodge at Brikama Dasilameh; as a result, he was biting by some students who caught them and the police had to intervene for his safely.  The sad part of it is that, the students’ parents were never informed of the matter and the police never took any action about it, whilst the man is allowed to teach in the Gambia at Gambia High School.

In another development, he authorized a program organized at the school premises at night and a student Named Sulayman Sanneh of the from Brikama Gidda was Killed. Since the death of Sulayman he never attended the burial or visited the Family to sympathize with them. He never suspended school the day of the young boys’ burial. Sulayman’s Father is believed to be Fanding Sanneh and this is their Phone Number +2207031107.

According our Children attending the School, it has been 3 weeks they have not paid their water bills and the only sources of water is from an estimated 400 Liters tank within campus use for both watering flowers, the Bahama grass, Drinking, taking ablution, and using the toilets. The children are forced to use small containers to go outside in neighboring compounds in search of water.

Why the bill is not paid is not clear.

There will be more developments to this story in the coming days………..

Thanks from concerned Gambia and Brikama Citizen

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