Gambia: Gamtel & Gamcel In An Ocean Of Tears



Gambians including myself had very high expectations when the Coalition of Political Parties won the Presidential elections in December 2016. The way the appointments are made to high positions in the country’s critical institutions are very dubious. One of such appointments happens to be that of Mr. Seedy Jaiteh, a career fraudster and criminal as recently stated by Mr. Sidibeh, the former Director of Audit for both Gamtel and Gamtel. 

Mr. Seedy Jaiteh was the HR Director in Gamcel who was convicted of eleven million Dalasis fraud. He was prosecuted and sent to prison for a period of 11 years according to Mr. Sidibeh’s article on the Freedom Newspaper. This is the man who was wrongly released from prison as a political prisoner as he was sent to prison not for political reasons, but for stealing eleven million Dalasis from Gamcel. This was clearly spelt out in Mr. Sidibeh’s recent article on the Freedom Newspaper under the caption “The Coalition Being Misled”.  The Coalition Government did not only release this criminal as a political prisoner, but he has been reinstated to Gamtel and Gamcel to a higher position as Deputy Managing Director.

Mr. Seedy Jaiteh is a high cost low output kind of staff, who years back joined Gamtel as a security guard with not even a Secondary four certificate. He received rapid promotions due to his pimping, snitching and psycophancy activities he was engaged in for higher management then. He was eventually sent to Derby in the U.K to pursue a first degree program which he struggled many years to complete way way beyond the program duration.


I was expecting this piece to be covered in Mr. Sidibeh’s article on the Freedom Newspaper. This issue was widely known to the majority of Gamtel and Gamcel staff, a rumour widely peddled by Mr. Jaiteh’s wife herself. Her “Super Kanja”mouth had it that Mr. Sidibeh is a bad man because he blocked the payment of her medical refund claim of over D200,000.

This medical claim was fraudulently prepared and far from being genuine, and Mr. Sidibeh refused to pass it for payment.

Now, both fraudsters (man and wife) are  holding senior positions in Gamtel- may ALLAH help and save Gamtel and Gamcel. These two people can now get away with anything they want as they have a puppet surrogate at the Audit Department in the name of Ebrima Kanteh who will applaud anything coming from Seedy and his wife. This Ebrima Kanteh is the Gamtel insider writing all those baseless articles on the Freedom Newspaper to castigate Mr. Sidibeh for publishing Seedy Jaiteh’s story. Seedy Jaiteh fought tirelessly to get this unproductive and incompetent Ebrima Kanteh to be promoted to the position of a manager at the Audit Department, so Kanteh will do anything for Seedy Jaiteh. I will not be surprised if Seedy Jaiteh promotes this less competent Kanteh to the position of Director of Audit.Kanteh’s articles on Mr. Sidibeh were edited for him by someone before they were sent to the Freedom Newspaper. 

 Written By An Insider 

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