We should be very mindful not to encourage the very selective justice we preaching against. I have nothing against Baboucarr Njie but with the little I know about him It will not surprise me that he is the author of the above caption article or he has a hand in it. 

Pls let allow the government to do their job am sure they have nothing personal against Baboucarr. If he is clean after investigation then we can talk of redeployment or reinstate. 

Going through the track record of Baboucarr I thing he should not be spare of investigation regardless of how long he has been in the position. Lets put sediments aside and put the interest of the country first. We all have relatives who are affected directly or indirectly by this regime change but its the collective interest of all supercede individual interest. 

Pa do your investigation Baboucarr use to work for the government precisely the ministry of agriculture. He was involve in a fraud case involving millions which resulted to his termination. After been jobless for a long period he pick up a job with a bank that use be call Bank PHB now Mega bank. The head office of this bank is next to the American embassy at Kairaba avenue. 

Baboucarr was the Head of finance during this period he was fraudulently cooking the figures and sending fake provisioning reports the central bank for years. This was to give the central bank the false impression that the bank was in sound footing putting depositors monies at risk. He was mainly doing this to safe the former MD s (chuks Chibundu) job in exchange for millions.

Later they ran out of luck when a comprehensive audit exercise was conducted and their fraudulent act was discovered. The central had act fast and take over the bank from its Nigerian owners. The MD lost his job and its was recommend for Baboucarr to be fired. He uses  some influential friends within the government for his redeployment instead of been fired. One buba who is the present occupant of the position took over from him. 

The same infuential people he used to beg for his redeployment instead of been fired recommended to the dictator. He was someone they thought was capable to help do some dirty jobs for the dictator. He was employed at state house for a short period before finally redeployed as the MD of GNPC.

Pa, as much as there should be no witch hunting we should not encourage selective justice. All the MD s that they also have family members and friends let put our country first and avoid sentiments. Am sure after investigation whoever happens to be clean and innocent will be reinstated or redeployed.

Written By An Insider 

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