It is widely rumored in town that Bakary Bunja Darboe, the former Vice President and onetime junta Finance Minister, is being groomed for the portfolio of Vice President once the Justice Ministry, is done with fixing the recently hastily amended age limit associated with the presidency and Vice president portfolios respectively, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal.  Fondly called BB, he received a rousing welcome during his recent home return after many years living in exile in the United Kingdom. Sources said BB will likely bounce back as a VP, as talks are in high gears to normalize his upcoming appointment. The defiant Ms. Tambjang Jallow, is seemingly giving up her dream of becoming a VP under a Barrow regime. 

Initially, president Barrow, wanted Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang to fill the vacant position, but due to her age, her appointment could not be confirmed. Barrow, has since abstained from naming a VP to fill that important position.

Over the weekend, rumors were rife in town that BB, has been privately offered the job. Although, the veteran Kiang born politician could not be reached to ascertain the veracity of the rumor.

“A close friend just informed me that talks are underway to make BB Darboe the VP and Mrs. Tambajang to maintain her current post,” said a Freedom Newspaper reader.

We were bit apprehensive when we first received the information. We told our source that Mr. Daboe is overaged and was constitutionally unqualified to serve as VP. She agreed. But she maintains that she was merely relaying information she received from credible sources. 

Hours later, we spoke to a Freedom Newspaper source on the ground he also said he was informed about the planned appointment of BB as a VP.

BB’s planned appointment as VP, can only come into effect, if the National Assembly is fully staffed.  Meaning, the appointment has to be delayed until after the elections. MPS will then vote YES or NO on the proposed constitutional amendment in regards to the age limit associated with the presidency and Vice president. 

Written By An Editor 

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