I want to reveal to the general public that the coalition government has started engaging in corruption deals. 

In the picture below that was posted by Mai Fatty himself on his Facebook page, he is meeting officials of De La Rue a British company. This company is the one that was printing the … currency with Yaya Jammeh pictures on it.  

The connection between De La Rue and Mai Fatty and Adama Barrow is Samuel Sarr, the Senegalese political operator, who has been imprisoned for various things in Senegal.  Samuel Sarr, has been providing funding to Barrow including buying him clothing and other inducements.  In fact, it was Samuel Sarr, who negotiated for Amadou to return to Gambia in exchange for inducements to Barrow.  This is why you will notice that the Barrow Administration is very picky and choosy about what to investigate and the promised commission of enquiry has been forgotten.  I can tell you that Barrow is doing the same thing as Jammeh was doing and he is in bed with Samuel Sarr and Amadou.

Samuel Sarr is working with Oumar Top, who is also another Senegalese operator and very close to Barrow.  I know that you have covered the activities of these people before but The Gambian people, will be shocked at the level of corruption in the Barrow Administration so early in its infancy.  They are accepting money from all sorts of characters some of whom have criminal records and giving them projects that Gambians can do. They are behaving just like Yaya Jammeh before in doing shady deals and focusing on enriching themselves quickly at the detriment of the Gambian people. 

Written By Gambia’s Deep Throat

Editors note: The views expressed in the write up are solely that of the author. Thanks for your attention.

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