The insider story on FREEDOM NEWSPAPER captioned above is very interesting and really calls for celebration as this shows the writer that the battle has been lost. I thank the writer who claimed to be an insider and Mr. Babucarr Sanyang in their tireless efforts to help SAITAN. The two evils and KAAFIR have been defeated and thank GOD for accepting our prayers and desires and the will of humanity and ISLAM/CHRISTIANITY. Let we the good Muslims and Christians and decent staff of GAMTEL/GAMCEL continue to ask for forgiveness from THY LORD and for HIS continuous blessings in protecting us from the evil deeds of SAITAN BABUCARR SANYANG and SAITAN ENABLER. (AMEN).

Mr. So-called Insider you want to say that you still want to continue the fight for the worst and barbaric managing director ever of our times, Mr. Babucarr Sanyang. After you were challenged and proved wrong on all your previous publications, you now hide as GAMTEL insider and lying against innocent staff. Mr. So-called Insider you mean that “GAMTEL & GAMCEL are in an ocean of tears” ????? You must be joking. I know 100% that is your wish with Babucarr as both of you are now OLD ALKALOS; who never wish anything good for the village as said in an old proverb.

It is unfortunate that you can’t visit Gambia at the moment due to your past unacceptable records and as an illegal immigrant in the US, but I can tell you more than 99% of the staff are more than happy with the change and even the system is feeling the positive impact.

It seems you have now lost direction, and not sure whom to attack, COALITION GOVERNMENT, SEEDY JAITEH, ALIMATOU JALLOW, EBRIMA KANTEH and so on. Where were you when Gambians were forming the coalition parties and fighting your one time embraced and enabled dictatorial regime ???? The days are gone when you and Babucarr Sanyang with the help of the then useless OP, point fingers and call names to castigate and hunt innocent staff.

You have the audacity to accuse “Mr. Seedy Jaiteh, a career fraudster and criminal” and also claimed that Mr. Jaiteh “received rapid promotions due to pimping, snitching and psycophancy activities”. Mr. So-called Insider please be careful. You now deserve the WULIYAA CROWN, the biggest lie of the century. YouMr. So-called Insider, Babucarr Sanyang and Mr. Jaiteh were almost in the same category at Telegraph Road before you were both sent for studies way back in the 90’s. RIGHT OR WRONG ????

You claimed to have a bone to pick with Mr Seedy Jaiteh and now extending the case to his wife. Before going further may I ask you where are your wives whom you abandoned and absconded to the US when you were in active contract with GAMTEL ????? You were asked of Mr. Babucarr Sanyang’s wife’s medical expenses to Dakar with her driver in the previous article and instead of addressing that you jumped to pick on innocent and descent hard working staff ALIMATOU JALLOW and EBRIMA KANTEH. Please Mr. So-called Insider ask for forgiveness from these people as I can swear to the QURAN that these write-ups to FREEDOM that you are challenging are in no way coming from these people. I know you and Babucarr are all desperate but ME the writer have the solution for you. First ask for forgiveness now and will guide and counsel both of you to overcome your ill-gotten desires. Give me an update when you are done and will proceed. Your families are renting and you don’t even have a landed property. As part of the counselling I will engage your boss Babucarr to allocate you one compound as you are still active in his service and you deserve that from him. Will continue on the final phase of counselling to your home village. Then you will be on the ground and accomplish that together. You and I know what am talking about….Because you lack prayers from your parents and that you need to repent.


Written By An Insider 

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