Dear Pa,

Kindly publish for the Gambians to digest. It only takes a patient frog a second to catch a flying grasshopper.  When the so called, coalition won the 2016 December Election, some ethnic people felt they brought about the change!   All over shouting and mass public media bust and so soon political intellectuals drunk in tribal sentiments sprang! The so coalition leadership and antigens were being hijacked by some selfish partisan and tribal trois. Soon a grammatical theoretical quasi legal political phrase was coined: A “tactical Coalition” framed to be a prophetic inspiration by our so called legal and political gurus soon became a spongiform virus spreading in the Gambia sporadically catalyzed by Sarjo Barrow on the Mandinka Kibaroo news. 

Many of the wise old  and some of the younger generation  like us ( who were narrated the stories of the Gambia ) knew this was a  TERRY KAFO of the 1980’s on the renaissance. I wrote a piece in March on the Coalition where I noted that the Coalition is likely to collapse( It was being built on woods swamped with termites and earthworms!)

Less than 1 months after my predication, the Coalition has indeed  coagulated , collapse in collision.

Today, who can define me the coalition based on the principle of liberating the Gambian people and ensuring justices for all. We are only witnessing witch hunt on certain tribes and a certain  tribe playing the   tactical self-perpetuation and its trending plans to weaken the very coalition that brought us a breeze from the ocean. Heros like Halifa, who had been jailed during very tough times in our history was forcefully released or less the Gambian Donor funding would have ceased, (a condition put by the donors), he was the only Loin roaring at Jammeh during the post elections crisis, over all FM Stations, he would instill home and vigor on a totally devastated mass. Jammeh will be a rebel by January 19th and Must Go!( Sallah).  Some of the Coalition members were hiding under their billows, others groping in the walls of the prison begging God to save their lives. 

Amid the smoking and soon to spark fire which would have spell doom for the Gambia, Halifa was still heard in FM Stations pricking needles on Jammeh and Allast, Barrow was whisked by our Good Neighbor and Friend(ECOWAS, UN and AU) and sworn in.

Today, Sallah  is being painted, the black-sheep of the coalition and one who is bent to undermine Mr. Barrow!  Far from the Truth, this a deliberate smear tactics by those who coined the “Tactical Coalition” to tactically enter the Presidency using sand dunes as cover. What a shallow cover! The National assembly nomination wind as washed way the cover and there they are? Darboe  Mai and puppet  Amat Bah?  Where is the tactical Coalition philosophy?

Thank you very much the IEC, for debunking yet another ploy to blind fold the electorate in the Name of a Coalition party Candidate : There is no such things  as Coalition Candidates, UDP, NRP, GMC, PPP,PDOIS, or Independent Coalition). The records are straight. Gambians should be clear now about the intention of some of the member of the Coalition.  I maintain my opinion that Darboe, Mai and Amat should be removed from the Cabinet   by the President. Else the post elections  tactical coalition undercover will never stop bring us road blocks to see a successful transition. In fact will there be a transition or have we already transited?

Written Buba Camara, (EK)

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