This is the most corrupt and divisive MD in the history of MDs in the Gambia.  He has over the years oppressed hard working staff who refused to be drawn in to is so called camps. He kept on promoting  incompetent staff and giving them loans and depriving the hard working ones who refused to be drawn into camps.

He fought Almamy Kassama tooth and nail to ensure that he does not become GM of Gamcel.  Everyone knows that Almamy is the most competent man to run Gamcel. He came with an excellent program that would have seen Gamcel  in a completely different phase by now. Baboucarr prefers to have a GM, who he can control and drag the company to its current fail state. 

He knew Almany would be an obstacle to his dubious deals and he did everything to make sure Almany does not become GM of Gamcel.  Almamy focused on expanding the 3G network rather than spending money on useless projects.  Baboucarr was bent on spending 30 million dalasis on a useless call center and 10 million on that useless monument.  Almamy stopped it and Baboucarr was mad because he was to make over 5 million form these project. He wrote a devastating letter against Almamy and was helped by Saul Badjie to eliminate Almamy. 

It is indeed very sad as Gamcel ad the nation lost this great worker who only has the interest of Gamcel and the nation.  Gamcel now has the worst network in the country.  They are still unable to expand the 3G network beyond Brikama 16 years after coming into the market.  They do not even have a headquarters.  They prefer renting because Baboucarr is getting a kick back every year from renting this premises.  He also bought that small building from Qcell for over 25 million dalasis and he pocketed over 2 million from that.  Baboucarr was working for his pocket and not for Gamtel.  He is probable among the 10 richest people in Gambia.  He also brought in partnered with one LAMIN SAIDY to bring in a useless system called TOWER to kill the existing wireless system which is far more superior than this useless TOWER. 

We all know that this was done because of the amount he is corruptly getting from this deal.  None of us has seen this contract just like the MGI contract which he keeps to his chest.  Imagine this empty chap signing a contract on behalf of Gambia government.  What authority does he have to sign a contract on behalf of Gambia. Is he the finance minister. Baboucarr is all about deals.  

No wonder he has properties all over including a compound in Dakar bought from MGI money.  He has motels in Barra and Sanyang, two storey buildings in Brusubi and Kanilai and over five other compounds in Brusubi.  A commission of enquiry is coming and we will volunteer to provide evidence on all these.

Now he is using useless Sidibeh to attack Sidi Jaiteh and his wife. 

For heaven sake, please leave these people alone.  Sidi has suffered too much from Baboucarr Sanyang, who has a personal hatred for Sidi and his wife. We can tell you 99.999% of the staff are very excited with this change and waiting for Babourcarr to be jailed for the rest of his wife for the crime he committed against Gamtel and the nation. By just looking at Baboucarr:s face you will realize he is an evil man destined to go to hell fire.

Written By Papa Ngum

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