The Soldier has retired, the Lion has taken over. The slogan of the Lion is: JUSTICE FOR ALL. The Lion’s job description is fighting injustice both within the civil service and the political establishments. Jammeh has gone but the struggle continues. The Lion is a Nationalist that belongs to all tribes, all religions, regions, political parties, businesses and enterprises the list goes on. He will praise where praise is due and condemn when necessary. The Lion will fight for nothing but justice and does not need any penny out of this daunting task. Many are saying that Jammeh is gone so the struggle should end.  Was Jammeh the only one who has committed bad things in this country? Of course no!! A great many of us have contributed to the situation that Gambia has found itself months back and is the same people coaxing President Barrow to absorb and maintain them in government. Besides, are we fair to ourselves if the struggle is limited to an individual when we have a lot to tell the public about the past and the current state of affairs in our country? The will not falter, tire or wither in his responsibilities to deliver justice. No wonder the Freedom newspaper has outsmarted outmatched and outlasts many. The lion is everywhere to give information about everything informative anywhere.

The Freedom Newspaper stands by its philosophy and that is standing against injustice by the high and mighty and defending the rights and freedoms of every Gambian. The freedom newspaper is for everyone and against everyone. Gambians are interesting peoples; years ago those who were saying praise him are the very people now saying kill him. The Lion will separate the bad ones from the good ones. Fair and balance we shall always be.

The Lion appreciates the change the Coalition Government has brought about. Congratulations to all those who have helped to form the alliance. Gambians are free at last. So keep it up. Politics is interest so the Lion respects your individual party interests. But your individual party interests must be dictated within the framework and the confines of the constitution. When matters come to a deadlock, Gambia’s interests should take precedence over everything. If this is undermined the Lion will stand tall… will usher a ferocious and blistering attack. Remember soldiers have tried removing Jammeh they failed but journalists have succeeded. A credible newspaper is more than a thousand RPGs. You don’t change a wrong system only to replica the same system.

For now the Coalition Government does not qualify to be labeled a tribal government. It is largely an inclusive one.  It should by all means avoid descending into tribal. The Lion may eat grass but will never allow that to happen. The Coalition government is hereby urged and prevailed upon to consider given a ministerial position to a Jola. Do this for the sake of national unity and inclusion. Politicians are warned to keep the Coalition intact at least for the period agreed upon in MoU. The Lion will come to this in his subsequent write-ups.

Hon. Minister Mai Fatty, by the time the Lion is done with you… you will be the laughingstock of the country. The Lion is saying this because you have proven to be the Political lion of the Coalition and I am the Lion of Freedom so will see who has an edge over the other. You are messing up a lot… doing too much, too big too fast. Two male lions can hardly cooperate in a den; one must give way to the other. The lion will retire if only you comport yourself as a dignified minister and stop selective justice as soon as possible. If you do not do this I promised you are done for. Every human being has an ugly side and the Lion knows your ugly side very well. I know you inside and out. If you deny this, violate the lion’s laid down conditions. The conditions are;

  1. Organizational heads who have aided and abetted in the former government must be given their marching orders. Heads like IGP Sonko, Yankuba Dabo GRA, deputy IGP Sowe and Police Operations Bojang. The Army hierarchy, the Immigration and Drug squad as well must be probed. You are given 30 days from today to observe this proclamation.
  2. Ensure a good mix of the civil service in making appointments (this goes to the Coalition government in particular President Barrow )
  3. Revisit the dismissal of Babucar Njie of GNPC. You either investigate him or reinstate him as soon as possible i.e. if he is found clean of any wrong doing. Or better still let him be redeployed.
  4. Do not dismiss people without giving compelling reasons for their dismissals (President Jawara was good at this- he gave reasons).
  5. Probe other parastatals as well.

Just to give you a few hints to make you believe that the lion knows you very well. The Lion knows your relationship with the late Baba Jobe, the FBI problem in America,   your stay in the Netherlands, Sierra Leone (during school days) and Senegal during the political impasse etc.  It appears that you are the Sanna Sabally of the Coalition Government – be careful!

The lion eats nothing but meat, information is his meat.

Justice for all.

Thank you.

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