Dear Pa,

I just want you to follow up on the news that Mr. Femi Peters has been appointed the new Ambassador to UK.

It is also important to find out from the new Director General of GRTS (who is a UDP party member) why they are still refusing any party political broadcast from the vying political parties and independent candidates in the coming legislative elections.

It is campaign period and candidates must be allowed equal air time to reach the electorates in their constituents. Any reasons of inadequate funds or lack of vehicles is viewed as smokescreen to restrict the playing field.  Jammeh was accused of unfair treatment of the opposition , but what the DG of GRTS is also doing tantamount to restricting access to the electorates to know what the legislative candidates have to offer before they are elected.

Thank you for investigating these information.


Editors note: Thanks for the information. Few days ago, the GRTS DG Ebrima Sillah, was on GRTS explaining the logistical challenges confronting his institution. He claimed that due to the increasing number of candidates vying in the upcoming race, it would be virtually impossible for GRTS to allocate airtime to all the candidates across the country. He talks about the issue of mobility facing GRTS. Mr. Sillah said it is going to cost GRTS over one million dalasi to cover the coming elections. Mr. Sillah said efforts are underway to seek funding from the UN system to help solve the potential budgetary crisis facing the GRTS. 

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