Dear Bubacarr Drammeh,

I have accidentally come across your article with title: MY TAKE ON OUSAINU DARBOE’S STATEMENT ON THE APPOINTMENT OF A VICE PRESIDENT, and although I’m not surprised, I’m appalled with the used of rude words you have poured in that trash!

I would not have responded you and I will be very pleased to have seen you parade your sheer stupidity in public. However, due to the disrespect you have poured in that garbage, I’m forced to response to you in the form of advice. If you like take my advice, but if you want, you could reject it at your peril!!

This article is disrespectful, poorly written, illogical, and full of grammatical errors.

I’m shocked with the disrespect you put in that trash to bash a very erudite and honorable person Mr. Ousainu Darboe who is not and will never be your match.

Please take note of these:

One, it’s better for you to go back to school to learn simple grammar because that trash is inundated with gibberish. I know you have edited it that’s why I won’t advice you to edit your work before publishing them. It’s full of errors which I do not believe are typos! School will help you overcome your deficiencies.

Two, if you could remember, I told you on several occasions to learn to put your points across without being disrespectful. I’m shocked that you never take heed of that and still go on showing enormous amount of insolence towards your seniors. In other jurisdictions, this could have subjected you to disciplinary action.

Thirdly, I’m made to believe that it was because of ignorance that you called a senior member of the bar like Lawyer Ousainu Darboe “dishonest” merely because he has an opinion about a law. I am sure you do not know the legal ramifications for that word because if you do, you would not have used the word on your senior who had an opinion about a particular constitutional provision.

Fourthly, you have manifested you ignorance through you failure to comprehend Mr. Darboe. From your own write-up, I was able to deduce that Mr. Darboe was saying that the Constitution does not provide a definite period within which the President should appoint the Vice President. However, that does not mean that the President may not appoint the Vice. You will have save us much time and energy if you refer us to the specific constitutional provision that expressly states that the President must appoint the Vice President within a specified period. I will still avail you the opportunity to provide us with such provision.

I couldn’t believe it after having gone through that trash that it was written by a person who calls himself a lawyer. To be honest, I’m embarrassed. If you will take my advice, please stop seeking attention and courting cheap popularity because it will not take you anywhere. Spend time to educate yourself rather than attacking people who are already accomplished. Your trash lacks substance and it’s of no use even for a layman.

To conclude, I will advise you to apologize to Mr. Ousainu Darboe as soon as possible for saying he was dishonest and misleading about his statement, otherwise you will subject yourself to lots of undesirable circumstances. It’s about time that The Gambia Bar Association took its rightful place and start disciplining some lawyers for unprofessional conduct. Calling a senior member of the Bar “dishonest” and “misleading” for his opinion about a particular provision of the law should be a ground for disciplinary action. An apology will save you!!


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