DESPITE INCREASING PRESSURE to cancel his planned nationwide tour, Adama Barrow, has ignored all logical counselling and wisdom, as he has finally made up his mind to leave town on Thursday, to campaign for the UDP, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. His Press Secretary Amie Bojang Sissoho, has just recorded a program with the GRTS, which would be aired on the station’s nine clock news—talking about the upcoming tour slated for Thursday.

It is our understanding the GRTS reporters and camera crew were also supplied with fuel and budgetary allowances for the tour. Momodou Joof, a longtime broadcaster and interpreter, is said to be part of the team travelling with Barrow.

The Barrow presidency has taken position that it is siding with the UDP. Mr. Barrow, was never elected as a UDP president. He was elected as an independent president serving the other parties which propelled him to the presidency.

The electoral act prohibits Barrow from meddling in such campaign at a time, when parties such as the PDOIS, PPP, NCP, GDC, and co have been sidelined on the corridors of the GRTS. The GRTS is going to busy covering Barrow, while aspiring candidates for MPS would be marginalized.

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