Dear Pa,

Good morning. I wish to share the following concerns I have with our President, H.E. Adama Barrow:

  1. He promised that a Think Tank will be formed. When will this be constituted? We are no longer hearing anything about this.
  2. When Barrow was asked by RFI on his recent visit to France whether he will step down after the 3-year period agreed by the Coalition? He answered, it depends on whether the job he set out to do is completed.

This is very serious and disturbing because nobody can ever complete government work. Does it means Barrow will stay on for 10 years or more if in his view, the job is not finished?

  1. The Coalition created a portal before assuming office for interested qualified Gambians to send in their CVs to be considered for relevant positions. However, there seems to be little or no follow up on this.

I would have expected that appointment of Directors, Managing Directors , Permanent Secretaries etc. would be conducted competitively so that the best candidates can be hired. However, what we have seen so far are appointments based on party affiliations and I know I know.

  1. He promised that Cabinet Ministers will declare their wealth before taking office. This seems to be dead in the water.
  2. He is appointing all sorts of people as advisors. For example, it recently came to light that Mr. Musa Drammeh a former MP and Parliamentary Secretary under the Jawara administration is his advisor on investment and private sector issues. This is a recipe for corruption. President Barrow should seek investment advice from government agencies like The Gambia Investment and Export Promotion Agency. We should have strong institutions not strong people who think they have the ear of the President and can do anything.

By the way, Mr. Drammeh is just used here as an example. He is a decent person as far as I know. However, the interest of our country towers above all else.

Pa, I am very concerned with the conduct of government business  thus far and I believe all well meaning Gambians should be concerned too. 

We expect our new government to operate on modern and sound democratic principles. 

From a Concerned Gambian

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