Bakau United’s Board met and they herein aim to clear the air on the Lamin Jallow saga. That is the illegality of the transfer of the Gambian footballer from Real de Banjul to Chievo, Italy is exposed. Bringing to light the Jammeh family cober-ups.

Lamin Jallow known as BECK together with Real De Banjul and GFF disgracefully lied about this issue. This is unbelievably terrible.

GFF Secretary Vicky did what she did purely under duress. The Kebbeh administration has turned down their claims when they played him against us in Brikama.

Bakau Utd claims about Lamin Jallow (Beck) “We challenged GFF president Lamin Kabba Bajo on this issue and he (Bajo) denied it at the December 2016 annual general meeting (AGM) of the Gambia Football Federation. He denied tge fact that Real de Banjul used GFF’s Vicky to issue Beck an ITC on the flimsy pretext that Beck is a Free agent”.

Just after banning the Mustapha Kebbeh administration with the help of former Sport minister Alieu K. Jammeh, a group of Real de Banjul board members and players hatched a plan  while at a the naming ceremony of Alagie Jobe (the former veteran Real de Banjul goalkeeper) in Serekunda. They planned to use the influence of Bakary K. Jammeh (elder brother of the Alieu K. Jammeh) who  has significant shareholding and influence at Real de Banjul FC. This can only be done of course if Lamin Kaba Bajo wins the GFF presidential election.

Real de Banjul FC already knew about our successful appeal against the use of Lamin Jallow during the Kebbeh administration. But then Real De Banjul falsified their documents when the GFF organising committee under the Kebbeh regime asked Real de Banjul for proof without a delay.

There is enough evidence to show that Real de Banjul FC did similar illegal poaching of Gambian players from other clubs. They did it to clubs like Bombada FC, Brikama United and Bakau United just to name but a few.

By Ousman B Kinteh

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