Deer Pa,

Please go slow so-called SSHF Revelations in your paper all as a result of the anger of its sacked MD, Mr. Graham. He was not the only Managing Director sacked by the Government of the day.

What has land allocation got to do with the millions of dollars and dalasis he Mr. Graham and other Managing Directors gave to ex President Jammeh illegally and knowing fully that these are Gambian people’s money. Did Mr. Graham ever resign from his job in protest of such wrong doings by the Executive. They are all guilty in the eyes of the law.

Under the lands law and administration, the Minister has right to allocate land free to Gambian Nationals whether by “Courtesy from the HON.Minister”, by Executive decision, by regular applications by citizens. SSHFC does not have the mandate to allocate any land for their housing scheme that is not approved by the Minister of local Government and Lands.

Why are you the only media Gambians used to fight each other? We are in New Gambia now. Why don’t you come home and run a newspaper based on facts on the ground.

This is for fair and balance Freedom Newspaper. Give it space in your publication.

 By SSHFC Staff

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