If information trickling from the Adama Barrow, State House, is to go by, Mr. Barrow, is under an increasing pressure to cancel his planned nationwide tour to throw his support behind the opposition United Democratic Party (UDP), the Freedom Newspaper can reveal.  The rookie president, who replaces Gambia’s longtime dictator Yahya Jammeh, has been advised not to embark on the proposed tour—given the political stakes associated with his blatant patronization of the UDP, at a time, when the nation is undergoing a crucial transition period. This followed a Tuesday news analysis prime time radio program, anchored by Freedom Radio Gambia’s Pa Nderry M’Bai, exposing Barrow’s planned move to favor one political party at the expense of the other parties, which propelled him into the presidency under an independent ticket.

A source writing to us from Banjul said: “ For your information, President Barow is being pressured to cancel his planned trip. It is very likely that he will cancel it today.”

Mr. Barrow cancelling his planned trip, would be the right thing for him to do, said Editor M’Bai. The nation needs a steady, sincere, action and developmental oriented president, committed to the core ideals, values, and principles, which form the basis of the recent democratic change, Mr. M’Bai added.

Our sources are closely monitoring the situation. We will keep you posted if anything crops up in coming hours. We can safely report here that president Barrow, is reconsidering his proposed nationwide trip. He is likely going to cancel the tour.

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