Good morning President Barrow,

Mr. President, you have been advice to throw away your independent ticket presidency for some partisan party objectives. Those that advice you to embark on a countrywide so called ‘Thank You” tour in the middle of the parliamentarian campaign do not like you. They do not wish you well, they do not wish you success and they are digging a dark hole for you Mr. President. All they are up to is to strengthen their own party agenda at the detriment of other coalition parties and the will of the Gambian people that made you elected the president of the Gambia. Don’t accept it Mr. President. That is my brotherly advice to you Sir. Be true to your oath of office and you will be at peace with your conscience and with the people of this country.

Mr. President I am non-partisan businessman, my political party is call the Gambia. My advice is for your wellbeing and that of the country and if you take heed you will never regret it Inshallah. I have helped all the political parties of the Gambia I will therefore treat all of them on an equal footing. Mr. President the tour you are about to embark upon will be seen as partisan political propaganda tour and nothing else. There no way anyone can convince Gambians that this tour is not a partisan political tour. Please stay away for GOD sake we love you Mr. President and we want you to succeed beautifully.

Mr. President the other day we heard there were some militants who embarked on court proceeding disturbances during the NIA court case. In law it is call contempt of the court and is a criminal offence liable to legal charges. Please advice the general public not to try to take the law into their hands. We are in a civilized and democratic government and the rule of law should take its course if we want to live in peace, justice and prosperity.

Finally Mr. President when you are travelling to a foreign country please take few business people with you to meet their counterparts in the host country. These business people will foot their own hotels bills. Government is business as well and western presidents always travel with the private sector to boost their economies. We hope you will do so next time Inshallah.

Have a good day Mr. President.

Written by Pa Njie Girigara.

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