Dear Pa,

Thank you for the good job you are doing.

I have been following developments in my country. I am  concerned about recent diplomatic forays of the new DG of GRTS, Mr. Ebrima Sillah. In as much as he is trying to modernize the state television, I find it difficult to understand that he has been meeting with Ambassadors of other countries in the country without the Minister of Information and Communications in attendance or even any member of the organization’s board. 

Yes, he can bring in foreign diplomats to help the GRTS but it should be done within the context of Government established procedures. His lack of administrative experience should not allow him to exclude his line ministry from any negotiations to assist the state broadcaster. Meeting foreign Ambassadors is the role of the minister.

In a related note, I only hope that the announced tour of President Barrow coming at the time when the campaigning period for the legislative elections have started looks very suspicious to me. It is stated that he will be trying to garner support for the coalition candidates. What a blip? Is there any candidate for the coalition? Who are these people fooling? I only hope that GRTS will not be using the tapes of the tour to bombard us with repetitive broadcasts as a propaganda for the UDP candidates? There are so much unanswered questions. We can not allow what used to happen in Jammeh’s time be used to fool us. No, not anymore.

Once again, thank you for publishing my story.

Written By An Insider 

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