Mr. Editor,

I am heartened by Biran Jeng and Seedy Ceesay’s interventions about alleged tribalism on Ground Zero (Gambia) on the Civic Education Program. Biran’s sagely reference to Oliver Tambo’s doctrine: “For the nation to rise, the tribe must fall”, is timely and very relevant at this moment in our country’s history. Seedy Ceesay, on his part, volunteered incontrovertible evidence of the situation on Ground Zero by revealing there is a “disconnect between the UDP surrogates in the Diaspora and those on Ground Zero”.  I will not give much credence to Seedy’s above statement considering Seedy is or was a political surrogate of the PDOIS, thus can be partisan. Nonetheless, Seedy revealed, Gambians on the ground are united and concerned with bread and butter issues that progresses their welfare. This is relieving, mindful of the ruptures and strained relationships about this tribalism issue evolving among Gambian elites and social media pundits who brought about the desired change: New Gambia.

From Seedy’s submission, it appears this tribalism debate is elitist and Diaspora driven. And reading through social media of contributions from our select or self-appointed sophisticated citizens has been depressing, to say the least. It is proper to debate and debunk issues of division among Gambians to further our national interest. However, sensitive issues revolving around ethnicity deserve honest and fact-driven agendas; not perception. Perception is subjective and topics of ethnicity should be based on facts and objective analysis.

The December 1st elections demonstrated the political maturity of Gambians on the ground. The whole world sincerely celebrated with us. The goodwill for our beloved country continues to pour in. Issues that are false and polarizing should be avoided. The cardinal duty of every Gambian, especially the selected and sophisticated few should be to mobilize and unify Gambians on the ground and abroad with the undiluted message of One Gambia, One People, One Nation. This rallying call was emphasized umpteen times during the program. And I convey hearty congratulations to M. Njie (Saidily) for his moderation and the extension of that rare olive branch to Fatou Camara. The move is exemplary and should be emulated by other Gambians in rebuilding our nation.

Written By A Listener In Banjul 

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