President Adama Barrow, has called on the people of Central Baddibu not to vote for an opposition candidate in the upcoming National Assembly elections scheduled for April. “ Do not vote for an opposition candidate(s) in the coming elections. If you vote for the opposition, they will stall our envisaged developmental goals for this country. Vote for the most qualified coalition candidate, who will serve you and the country, effectively, and competently at the House. Vote for a winnable coalition candidate,” President Barrow told his supporters during his nationwide tour.

The Chairman of the Independent Electoral Commission Alieu Momar Njai has informed Gambians that there is no coalition candidate in the coming elections. This followed, the coalition government breakaway, ahead of the polls. Parties have parted company. They have sponsored their own candidates opposed to the president’s call for the masses to vote for a coalition candidate.

In his speech, which was delivered in the local Wollof dialect, and interpreted in the Mandinka dialect, Mr. Barrow said, he as the president is the head of the coalition government. He noted that all the parties which formed the coalition are answerable to him. Hence, he called on the people of Central Baddibu to deny their votes to the opposition. Although, he failed to name the opposition parties in question that he Barrow wants his supporters to deprive them votes.

Mr. Barrow used the meeting to pay tribute to the likes of Sheriff Mustapha Dibba, Dr. Manneh, Dr. Nafa Saho, and Abdou Karamba Gassama, whom he said had played a crucial role towards Gambia’s political discourse and development.

Mr. Barrow also thanked president Macky Sall of Senegal, and the Mauritanian president Abdoul Aziz, for their immense contribution towards helping to end Gambia’s political impasse. He said both Macky and Aziz have helped in ending the impasse.

“ I want to acknowledge the presence of the Senegalese delegation here. There is also a delegation of Mauritanian businessmen here with us. We are all one people. Africa should be united. I have told president Macky Sall, during my recent visit to Senegal, that we are one people. President Sall, has played a pivotal role in ending the political impasse. The Mauritanian president Abdul Aziz also equally played an important role in convincing Jammeh to step down. He spent two nights here convincing Jammeh to relinquish power,” he said.

“Better days are ahead for The Gambia. For 52 years, no one win an election in this country. This is the first time that an opposition has won an election. For the first time, in the history of our country, the French president invited us to visit him. A delegation from world bank was also here. Another delegation from the EU, was also here. The EU invited us for talks. The King of Belgium also invited us. I just received a phone call from Saudi Arabia. I have been invited to visit the King of Saudi Arabia,” Barrow added.

The Gambian leader also promised to fix the issue of security related issues affecting the locality. He said his government will do its best to keep its citizens safe.  

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai


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