Dear Pa,

The so-called Lamin Ceesay trying to defend GRTS Ebrima Sillah’s administrative ineptitude further exposed his lack of managerial proficiency in the functioning of public enterprises. As Director General, Mr Sillah is not different from any Director General in other state-owned enterprises. Mr. Sillah is not the first DG of GRTS. There were other competent and capable personalities who did well in bringing GRTS to what it is today.,Considering the difficult environment they were operating where a single mistake in news presentation can land them in trouble.
Whatever intention that Mr. Sillah has for the institution he must follow established reporting and administrative procedures. He does not own GRTS, he should report to a board where the permanent secretary of his line ministry is ex-officio member. Whether the minister is Mr. Jawo a democrat or dictator, Mr. Sillah must conform to the rules of procedures of state-owned enterprises, otherwise his position will have to be elevated as minster of GRTS. Mr. Demba is the minster of information, any decentralization of his powers should naturally be handed over to the permanent secretary rather than Mr. Sillah who is a political appointee.
I will give the so-called Mr. Ceesay six months to make an assessment of the performance of Mr. Sillah. He will realized that he is just another freelance journalist who found himself in a higher position of DG thanks to a bias politicized government. There are exceptionally qualified Gambians who can do better than Mr. Sillah.
Hope this will set the records straight.
Written By A Concerned Gambian 
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