I have learnt through the media that tactical lawyer Ousainou Darboe has embarked on a nationwide tour to canvass for votes for UDP candidates in the upcoming national assembly elections. This is downright cheating of the taxpayers who are paying his salary as Minister for foreign affairs. Darboe needs to be reminded that UDP are not paying his salary but the poor masses who are from political parties including the opposition. So how can he abandoned his post and embark on a tour during working hours when his cabinet colleagues are at work? With due respect, I think DA Jawo was economical with the truth when he said this is not conflict of interest, if this isn’t then I don’t know what is, but then again I am not surprise about his response given the fact that  Darboe is the one hiring and firing senior government officials.

Is it then okay for Hamat Bah to do the same thing for NRP, likewise OJ for PPP, Gomez for GPDP, Maimuna Fatty for GMC. This is unethical, unprofessional and lack of respect and regard to taxpayers. The bumbling buffoon Hamat Bah is outsmarted by Darboe; he’s part of President Barrow’s delegation so he cannot use it to exclusively campaign for NRP candidates but speaking in general terms. Darboe let them “ Yourou” and he’s right behind them with an almighty delegation making it look like he got all the support when half of the meeting goers came with him. Let’s stop this politics of deception, people have wakened up. Not long ago his party supporters were all over social media claiming victory for Mandinkas, now what is Darboe doing in Wollof, Serere, fula settlements? Did he realised that Mandinka votes alone is not enough to give you victory?

Another thing I found interesting is that almost all UDP and NRP candidates have “Coalition candidate “on their campaign posters. What that means is that they cannot rely on their parties to win but have to deceptively hide behind a coalition candidate even though IEC made it clear there is no such thing as coalition candidate. If you knew that your parties cannot deliver you victory but the coalition why didn’t you go into the elections as one unit just as the presidential election.

No work for Darboe for a whole week and half despite being paid March salary. This was the guy accusing  the former regime of everything. 

Written By Saihou Sissoho 

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