Good morning President Barrow,

Those that are telling you that future opposition MPs will not vote for GOOD LAWS in the House are not telling you the truth. We are in a New Gambia and no sane MP will ever condone to vote for laws that only favor one party or a president.

Those days are gone for good. The old ways of politicking are also gone for good.

The new Gambian MP will never want to live again in dictatorial regime where one party or executive crafted laws that were passed in our statute books without challenge. Reason why all the bad laws will be repealed and replaced with good laws that benefit all the people of this country.

Mr. President, we are in a new dawn and a new mindset. As such Gambian MPs will consciously always vote the right laws that favors all Gambians irrespective of party, profession or religion. MPs will also initiate laws if the executive forget or ignore such laws that are in the best interest of the people of this country.

When all of us put aside our differences and fought against dictatorship, we also had in mind the loans our government contracted and the budgets presented for approval. Such bills will however in future be constructively debated and scrutinized and apportioned and passed to reflect the general welfare of the people and the country.

Mr. President, the separation of powers is in the best interest of the country so that no branch of government will take full responsibility when failures occur in the dispensation of governance. Each branch will do its job properly and will also take full responsibility when the branch fails to deliver. That is democracy par excellence. That is what Gambians want to see and live in the new republic.

Finally Mr. President, let no one distract you, the youths of this country are very intelligent and nationalist. They will never let old political tricks cloud their minds. They have gained their freedom thru consciousness and mobilization and now want to see an organized society based on justice, rule of law and fair play.

They want to have cheap goods and services and job opening markets.

Such are the new dreams of the youths of the Gambia

To conclude Mr. President do not give appointment preference to those that are not in desperate financial need.

Think of the poor and the needy and those that fought very hard openly to remove Jammeh from power. There are several professionals out there that do not have the political and family connections, think of giving these people jobs. Those that enabled Jammeh in the past should be the last ones to be appointed. Gambia being a very small and interrelated country, every move you take will be analyzed and seen to be either in the right or wrong direction.

Think before you jump Mr. President.

Have a good day.

Written by Pa Njie Girigara.

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