I am a reader of Gambia news and I really enjoy your reporting, let the people of Gambia enjoy their freedom, it will take time to see all the campaign promises president Adama Barrow did because the country was highly dominated by a heartless leader who despite Gambians reject him wanted to to hang on to power for his selfish gain.
Let President barrow settle down and see where the wind of change will take him and how other countries will help him grow the economy.
I don’t like Jammeh myself just like the way I hate our former president David Kenneth Kaunda, who ruled Zambia for 27 years  he had to cry after losing elections to President Chiluba, he eliminated almost everyone opposed his rule without bearing in mind that he was assisted by fellow people to get there whom he should also give chance to govern, I dont like Essa Hayattouh former CAF president, I  don’t like Mugabe, I dont like Yoweri Museveni,Joseph Kabila of Congo(DR) and other selfish leaders(Dictators). I pray that President Adama Barrow will not be like his predecessor after testing how sweet power is. Barrow will face strong opposition because there are many crooked people benefited from Jammeh’s regime and they have many followers but God will guide him just like the way he has delivered Gambians from Jammeh’s hostile rule.
Have  a blessed day over there, we are the same and one people only letters that differntiate our countries (Gambia -Zambia.).
We are celebrating our Under 20 CAF champions cup, kindly celebrate with us lol. Good afternoon!
Lewis C Masambo
Lusaka, Zambia.
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