Gambia’s rookie president Adama Barrow, has been accused of using his position to convince some independent candidates vying for the National Assembly elections to drop from the race and give chance to the UDP candidates. This followed a private meeting Mr. Barrow convened in Basse with some local government leaders, in which he asked the local chiefs and Alkalos to prevail on the independent candidate in that constituency to drop from the race. The Basse independent candidate has come under increasing pressure from the presidency to withdraw his candidature, said our sources.

Mr. Barrow, had personally contacted the independent candidate and he pleaded with him to drop out from the race, our source added. Barrow, is interfering with the electoral process, said another source.

Mr. Barrow, was quoted as saying that he is out to canvass for votes for the UDP. He called on the elders of the Upper River Region to vote for the UDP.

Mr. Barrow was elected into the presidency with the help of seven opposition parties including an independent candidate. He resigned from the UDP, in order to be able to run as an independent president. He has since departed from the core values which constituted the coalition government. This has led to the total disintegration of the coalition government. Parties are contesting the upcoming elections on separate ways. 

Gambians are going to the polls in April to elect legislatures.  It appears that Barrow’s tour has been turned as a platform to undermine the candidature of some of the independent candidates.

“Adama Barrow is out to rig the elections in favor of the UDP. His actions, his comportment, and his speeches clearly confirmed that he wants to use the presidency to influence the outcome of the election. Some of the candidates are being offered money and positions to withdraw from the race. The IEC Chairman should censor Barrow for his latest move to meddle into the election,” said a source.

Meanwhile, one of the independent candidates has withdrawn from the race. He was promised with government appointment to withdraw from the race, said our source. The IEC Chairman even confirmed the candidate’s withdrawal from the race. 

The Barrow State House could not be reached for comment on the allegations of voter manipulation and rigging against the president. 

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