Dear Pa,

I want to bring to your attention a very disturbing situation currently happening in The Gambia. Our so-called President Adama Barrow, does not know his role and responsibility as President.  As we all know, he is currently on tour campaigning for the UDP and it is heartbreaking to say that he left all the Executive decisions with the Secretary General, Dawda Fadera and the Secretary to Cabinet, Isatou Auber who were both former President Jammeh enablers. As we speak, these two people are the President and Co-President of The Gambia, since they are the ones running the government by taking key Executive decisions on behalf of President Barrow, who does not wish to familiarize himself on government issues, but rather interested in helping secure Parliamentary seats for UDP, which is very unfair.

Pa, it is very sad to say that President Barrow does not treat any government files, he is left in the dark; and this is the worst mistake President Barrow will ever make. During the past regimes of Jawara and Jammeh, government files were always sent to the Head of State, everyday even when they are on tour so that they will familiarize themselves with state matters and key decisions taken. This is one of the reasons why Dawda Docka Fadera and Isatou Auber fooled Barrow and informed him that it is not necessary for him to be treating files so that they can be treating the files at their level. This is because SC Auber wants to continue with her…… of public funds as she has been doing in the Jammeh government, this was why Jammeh fired her on three occasions and was reporting to the NIA.

In order for Isatou Auber to continue her mismanagement, she has moved the two most senior finance controllers at Office of the President, that are the Principal Accountant and the Senior Accountant to other Ministries because these two do not agree to her … deeds of …. funds. Carry out an audit exercise and find out.

SG Fadera and SC Auber are taking advantage of the dummy President and they are now the ones approving or disapproving important government issues including requests for Contracts, travel clearances, duty waivers, procurement of vehicles, and many other requests. The two best friends known to everyone have also been engaged in employing, dismissing and redeploying civil servants without seeking approval from the President, which Barrow is not aware of. This is not the change we voted for. We do not want former Jammeh enablers that were dismissed and have criminal records to be recycled in New Gambia and holding high positions that everyone knows they lobbied for their positions. This is nepotism in its totality.

Pa, this is what you get when you have a clueless President surrounded by power hungry people.

Therefore, we hereby advice President Adama Barrow to take full control of his office and government before more damage is done as public servants are the least happy with the way they (Fadera and Isatou) illegally execute their duties. We at State House are closely watching and know everything happening. We will continue to expose them as things unfold.

From a State House Insider.

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