The Gambia Bar Association has finally manned up to the seemingly insane and clueless Gambian so called president! The Bar has embarked on a sit-down strike. The Bar said it would not go to court to represent litigants, unless Adama Barrow’s regime sacks some of the mercenary Nigerian judges currently serving on the bench. These were the very judges Ousainou Darboe, the shadow Gambian president, Adama Barrow, the caretaker lame duck transition  leader, Mai Fatty, and co said were executing Jammeh’s bidding to falsely jail Gambians. Now that they are in government, they wanted to use the same bad judges to jail their opponents especially the APRC folks, on their enemies list. 

Ousainou Darboe, is a vindictive leader, who harbors grudge against his opponents, and critics. If he had cared for the well being of Gambians and judicial independence, he ought to have championed for the draining of the swamps at the rotten judiciary. For Darboe, Gambia’s priority is to get rid of the Jollas serving in the system,  Equally, there are Mandinka serving public servants, who enabled Jammeh, but he decided to give them a pass from his ongoing efforts to liquidate the Jollas. He even refused Jollas employment in Barrow’s cabinet. He is a nepotist to the core. 

But here is a guy, who only thinks about himself, family, and party. He will never advice his son Barrow to let go these bad judges. He wants to revenge on the APRC and Gambians he wanted to see in jail. Journalists, political activists and critics will suffer under Darboe’s leadership. He is employing Jammeh’s playbook to rule. His only difference with Jammeh is that there is no documented evidence of him killing or torturing his opponents. But so far, he is relying on the Jammeh enablers to execute his political bidding. 

Adama Barrow, should self-educate himself about the role of the presidency and its responsibilities to the citizenry. Barrow is a misplaced president, who is a virtual illiterate running a country dying for political reforms. He ought to have fired the Nigerian mercenary judges day one of his presidency. But it seems he has forgotten that there is an institution called the judiciary. I don’t blame dude. He is an ignoramus political beast, entrusted to govern a nation emerging from a dictatorship. Barrow will never deliver the goods. He is going to spend the three years playing around; taking selfie pictures, and amassing wealth. You take my analysis to the bank. 

The Bar Association protest march rather came too late. The Bar ought to have organize a similar protest march when Barrow lied about the qualifications of Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang to serve as a VP. The VP slot remains vacant as we file this report. He also conspired with Mai Fatty to illegally change the constitution without following the necessary dictates of the law. They also bypassed Justice Minister Bai Tambadou. 

We hope Barrow will fix this mess at the judiciary. Their plan to use the Jammeh’s enablers in the judiciary and elsewhere in the government would only cause them bad publicity. The judiciary is not the only affected government branch. Virtually every sector in this country is in a complete mess. Barrow’s presidency is an insult to the intelligence of Gambians. We do not deserve such an idiot to lead this country. 

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