Good morning president Barrow,

Mr. President.

Gambians voted Jammeh out of office for three main reasons, namely for bad politics and bad policies, for bad human rights records with unjust court judgments and finally for a battered economy and a precarious financial situation.

Mr. President this write-up will concentrate on the worst illness Gambians are living with on a daily basis, the economy.

Mr. President Gambians are tired, hungry, hopeless and angry at the state of the economy in this country.

Mr. President did you know that the Gambia is the most expensive country in West Africa? Did you know that Gambia government has the lowest salaries in the sub-region? Did you know that electricity, telephone and Internet access are the most expensive in the whole world and I repeat the whole world?

Did you know that the unemployment rate is highest in the sub region?

With all these ills we struggle with daily, all we are hearing from you so far are appointments, dismissals and politics.

Mr. President, verily you have a lot work to do to redress our economy and improve the lives of the people. So far we have not heard you utter a single word about the economic and financial improvement plans you have for Gambians.

We know what ex-president Jammeh did to our economy but we also want to know what you are doing to correct the economic mess.

Mr. president Gambians are not feeding their families with politics.

Gambians need to hear you speak about improving salaries and reducing taxes. Gambians need to hear you speak about reducing income taxes and salary taxes. Gambians want to hear you speak about reducing customs duties resulting in cheaper prices of goods.

Gambians want to hear you speak about reducing electricity, telephone and Internet rates and prices.

The business community wants to hear you speak about how to improve the business environment. They want to hear you speak about reducing cooperate income taxes. They want to hear you speak about the incentives for investments. They want hear you speak about reducing bank interest rates and foreign exchange rates.

Mr. President you were a businessman before being elected president we therefor expect you to speak more about economics to us than politics and elections.

Mr. President please tell us what you have in store to improve the daily lives of Gambian workers and their families instead all we are hearing from you so far are appointments and dismissals.

Finally Mr. President, I will not do justice to Gambians readers without registering our full support for the Gambia Bar Association’s demand to terminate the contracts of the judges they deem unfit to deliver justice to Gambians. They have genuine reasons to make such demands as it affect both their judicial expectations and trust in the rule of law and the Gambians they represent in the courts.

Have a good day Mr. President.

Written by Pa Njie Girigara.

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