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  A question for the Interior Ministry, 

  1. Why are we having more tinted glasses vehicle now than under the Jammeh’s Government?
  2. Why are Government vehicle being tinted, are officers hiding themselves from the tax payers?
  3. Why are senior Government officers not using number plates on their vehicles or in most cases one plate in front?
  4. Why is GNA/GAF using 22-7-94 on their vehicles and trucks as second number plate are they reminding us of the military takeover? 
  5. Ministry of Health is spending more than 65 to 70% of their budget on vehicles. They are paying millions monthly to rider’s for Health (RFH), denying the patients of basic supplies, the benefactors are Ministers, Perm Sectaries, DPS and directors. (From Jammeh’s array to date). 
  6. Can Dawda Fadera, SG tell Gambians how government employees are being paid house rents and are still occupying government houses or how many are paid transport and still abusing government vehicle including your very self? Transporting our children to school and wife to market and social functions are these official? I recommend all government vehicles to be parked at the office at 16:00 and 12:30 Monday to Friday.

Written By An Insider     

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