Dear Pa,

I would like to register my utter dismay at the way this new Barrow Government is taking us for a ride.
As I am writing to you, we have not been given electricity in our area for more than twelve hours. There is acute water shortage my children are going round from neighbors to neighbors to fetch water to go to school. 
What is more disturbing is the fact that the President is out there in the provinces on a tour with four or five minsters campaigning for their political parties. In the absence of the President, the minister overseeing the Office of the President is out of the country, the Minister of Trade and Employment is also out of the country traveling with her Permanent Secretary and a strong delegation from Women’s Bureau.
The budget for traveling in 2017 is almost exhausted very soon they will look for supplementary appropriation but there is no Parliament to pass it. The dalasis has started falling against the major currencies. Unemployment is still on the rise and the economy is showing real signs of weakness. We are now dependent on finacial assistance and our security is still in the hands of ECOMIG. We are really living in borrowed times yet certain politicians in the Government are playing tribalism for political gains.
The wheels of Barrow’s new Government is coming to a crashing halt. President Barrrow’s approval rating is now lower than the deposed ex-president Jammeh. We are in need of a strong leader to unite the country and committed to the principles of accountability, transparency and probity. The only ministry functioning is the Justice, Health and Information ministries. These are all non-political appointees.
The coalition government is heading to a crashing defeat in the polls. 
Thank you for publishing my deep concerns.
Written By An Insider 
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