The opposition UDP supporters should keep the peace and stop harassing people, who disagree with their party’s leadership. The APRC supporters are being blackmailed at this hour for allegedly attacking the UDP supporters, when Darboe’s unruly supporters are on the loose terrorizing anyone, who holds a differing political view against their puppet president Adama Barrow, and his Godfather Ousainou Darboe, who has employed divisive politics to undermine the existence of the coalition government. Now the coalition government is in tatters–thanks to Darboe’s selfishness and political greed.

The UDP cyber wing is allegedly doctoring (falsifying ) pictures purportedly involving some of its supporters allegedly harmed by the APRC supporters during a political clash in Talinding. The goal is to solicit public sympathy so that their vicious plans to exterminate the APRC supporters ahead of the NAM elections can go undetected. There is a conspiracy theory being hatched by the UDP folks to paint the APRC as a violent party, when in actual fact, the UDP is using the power of the incumbency to wage terror on journalists, critics, minorities, and the former supporters of dictator Yahya Jammeh. This blatant unruly conduct of the UDP supporters should be disavowed by the party’s leadership before they will set this country on fire! 

The first blackmail against the APRC occurred in Kamfendi, in the Fonis, where underaged kids, women, men, and children were arrested following an unprovoked incident. They were illegally held for weeks and later released. The UDP should stop settling unnecessary scores with the APRC if  it truly believes that it can win an election. What’s happening right now amounts to domestic terrorism being perpetrated by some political hooligans. 

Now that the entire country, is beginning to comprehend UDP, NRP, and GMC’s, plans to hijack the transition government, amid national snub for their greedy and dishonest politicking, the Barrow led illegitimate regime, is bent on harassing the APRC party supporters. Some APRC stalwarts including Suku Singhateh, have decided to jump ship to cross carpet to the isolated UDP party, to avoid facing persecution.  The UDP is even using monetary and position promises to court the APRC on their side. They harass folks, who refused to toe their line. 

Folks, there is an ongoing terror campaign directed at the APRC by the UDP. They will do anything under the sun to paint the APRC as troublemakers, enemies of the country, and so on. The APRC supporters should stand their ground and resist any false arrest coming from the police.

Plans are afoot to create a situation in which APRC supporters would be rounded up to bar them from voting in areas believed to be APRC strongholds. The UDP folks are hardly arrested. The man running the Interior Ministry, has formed an alliance with the UDP.

OJ Jallow, should be commended for condemning the attack waged on the APRC supporters by Darboe’s supporters. He is on record for disavowing the UDP hooligans. We expect the same denunciation from Darboe, Mai Fatty, and the UDP leadership.   

The APRC is a lucrative political party, with a grassroots support. Hence, the misguided UDP folks, thought that by employing politics of intimidation, harassment, and blackmailing, they can succeed in their vindictive politics of terror to cow the APRC supporters into subduing them into their failed party. 

Few weeks ago, a Foroyaa reporter, was assaulted by the UDP supporters. No arrest was made in that case. Now they have extended their bullying tentacles to the APRC.  Some gullible folks are jumping to conclusion to blame the APRC, when the UDP supporters are the ones engaged in unprovoked violence with the citizenry. We condemn any form of politics of violence and blackmailing! 

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