As we write, there are many places in Gambia today where there has been no electricity or water for days.  People are going from house to house searching for water.  The main reason for this is that NAWEC has no fuel to power its generators and the generators are needed to pump water to the tanks from which they are distributed.. 

This is just the first crisis hitting the Barrow govt.  Others will surely follow.  It is widely expected that the dalasi will depreciate against foreign currencies and inflation rate will skyrocket.  

The number 1 problem facing the country now is the poor leadership.  In fact contrary to what a lot of people are saying, Barrow is not listening to Ousainou Darboe anymore.  The person that Barrow listens to is Mai Fatty first and then Amie Bojang next, then Fatou Ceesay.  As you will realize, none of these three have ever accomplished anything of note in their lives.  Yet they are the inner core of Barrow’s advisers.   Folks, this is very bad news for our country because these people are leading our country to the ditch. 

As for Mai Fatty, this is a guy with 1 wife in Dakar, Senegal and another wife in Paris, France.  The dude  never wears the same clothes twice and is now wearing thousand dollar suits of dollars.  He has just bought a brand new Range Rover for his 18 year old son in Dakar.  So this expensive lifestyle means that he is always on the lookout for the quick buck and cares nothing about the interests of the country.  

Most Gambians don’t know that Mai Fatty is actually not a lawyer. Ask any Gambian lawyer whether he is part of the Gambia Bar Association and they will tell you no.  He in fact has a pending criminal case with the police for allegedly defrauding one of his former clients.  

Fatou Ceesay on the other hand is someone who is very aggressive and wants to be rich overnight.  Amie Bojang on the other is always trying to block smart Gambians from seeing the President.  By restricting access to Barrow, she is ensuring that Barrow does not meet people who can actually show him how to solve the country’s numerous problems.

What Barrow should have done is to appoint competent patriots (including from the diaspora) who have a record of success.  Instead by surrounding himself with mediocre people, he has guaranteed that he will fail.  The only thing he is not calculating is that the Gambian people can remove him from office by impeaching him even before his 3-year mandate is out.  I predict for you that Barrow will be impeached for corruption and incompetence before the end of this year.  Just watch and see. 

PS: Pa please investigate the background of Mai especially his claim to being a lawyer. Perhaps he can reveal to us where he passed the bar so that we can verify.  This should not be secret information.  He should also reveal the criminal compliant against him at the Police.  

Written By Gambia’s Deep Throat

Editors note: The views expressed in this write up are sorely that of the author. Thanks for your attention. 

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