“ I have been misrepresented, misidentified, scandalized and defamed by the Western media. My name is Rohey Hydara. I live here in the Gambia, with my husband Musa Jammeh, and family. I have been happily married to Musa  Jammeh since 1993. We are blessed with five kids. I have never travelled outside the shores of the Gambia, other than Senegal. My name and picture has been associated with the man linked to the UK terrorist attack. I have never travelled to the UK, or live in that country. So how can they associate my name and picture with a terrorist, who has caused havoc to humanity? I am not only aggrieved right now, but I am distressed as well. I do not know the terrorist in question and his Gambian wife. I have no relationship with them. Since the publication of the false story by the Western media, I have received tons of phone calls and visitors at my home. I am completely broken by this false publication,” said 39 year old Rohey Hydara, a resident of Old Jeshwang, a town situated outside the Gambian capital Banjul.

Mrs. Hydara, was reacting to press reports associating her with Khalid Masood, the terrorist, who was linked to the Westminster bridge tragic terrorist attack. Her picture was carried by the Daily Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4355654/Wife-Westminster-terrorist-condemns-attack.html) and other UK Daily publications.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Freedom Newspaper on Friday, Mrs. Hydara, a housewife, said she, was home with her family, when she received information that her name and picture was being associated with the UK terror attack. She immediately became speechless. She was tormented by what she was hearing in the news. 

“Neighbors, family members, and friends have been storming our home since the publication of the story. They told me that they read the story on the Internet. That the terrorist, who was linked to the UK terror attack was my husband. I do not know the man involved in that incident. I have never seen him in my life. In addition to that, I have never travelled to the UK. The only time I have been to the airport in Banjul, was to see off a family member. Now I have been falsely associated with a terrorist. The publication will no doubt hurt my prospects of being able to travel freely around the world. Anywhere I go right now, here in the Gambia, people will ask me about the UK terror attack; my association with the man behind it. I have been traumatized; my husband Musa Jammeh, is also traumatized; including our kids. Our kids can hardly concentrate in school nowadays. Their peers often asked them about me marrying to a terrorist,” she said.

When asked whether she was contacted by the Gambian law enforcement authorities in regards to the said publication, she replied in the negative.

“ I haven’t been contacted by any law enforcement in this country. Our home is now becoming a scene of sympathizers. People are walking in and out of our home just to confirm the veracity of what was reported by the western media. My phone has been ringing constantly,” she recounted.

Mrs. Hydara also talked about the media allegedly taking her picture from her Facebook page.  Below is the Daily Mail publication featuring Rohey Hydara, and her alleged terrorist husband Khalid Masood, that never was. 


“The picture that was published was taken from my Facebook page. I am on Facebook. I am not going to allow my character to be assailed by such false publications. We are going to seek redress,” she said.

Also speaking to the Freedom Newspaper, was Musa Jammeh, the husband of Rohey Hydara. Mr. Jammeh is a former footballer. He said he is equally devastated by the false publication.

“ My wife has never travelled to the UK. She never lives there either. She doesn’t know the terrorist linked to the attack. Her picture is being circulated all over the web. I read the story on the Daily Mail. She has been associated with a terrorist. I am her legal husband. So for anyone to say that she was married to a terrorist, is not only false, but totally unfounded,” said Mr. Jammeh, who is now a businessman.

“ After the publication of the false story, my wife received messages from some individuals, asking her to confirm if she was the wife of the terrorist, but I advised her not to talk to strangers. The harm has already been done. Our family has been devastated by the false publication. My phone has been ringing constantly since the publication. As we speak, my phone battery is running out of power. I even had to place my phone on the charger to be able to speak to you,” he said.

Mr. Jammeh said the only time he travelled to Europe, was in 2011.

“ I travelled to Holland in 2011. I only spent one year in Holland, and then returned to The Gambia. I have never been to the UK.  My wife, and I have never travelled to the UK,” he added.

The Daily Mail Online, and the other UK publications linked to the alleged false publications could not be reached for comment.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai 

Email: panderrymbai@gmail.com 

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