Gambia’s Women’s Affairs Minister Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang, has indirectly accused critics of the Barrow government of trying to overthrow the newly voted government in the Gambia, with their constant and endless bashing of the regime; in an attempt to agitate the citizenry to rebel against the establishment. Ms. Tambajang, who was addressing a group of Gambian citizens in DC, on Friday, appeared increasingly worried about the negative press accorded to the Barrow government.

“I am not worried about what the press report about me. I am not afraid of the press. But it is too early for anyone to chastise the new government. The negative rhetoric is just too much. It appears that some folks, are out to overthrow this government. The negativity is geared towards agitating the citizenry to despise this government.  Please give us a chance. The negative reporting is confusing us. We have just started and we are being blame all over the place.  We need a positive press. We will accept constructive criticism. Negative criticism without offering solutions is unislamic,” she said, adding that its been a while since she last listened to the online radios. 

The Gambian Minister never minces her frustrations with the diasporan press. She never mentions the names of media houses she is displeased with their coverage of the new government. She noted that in as much as the press is the fourth estate of the government, she called for positive press reporting in the interest of national development.

” We need a positive press. You are free to criticize us, but the negativity is not going to help the current situation. Islam says if you do not have something positive to say, it better to keep quiet. Talking evil against people is ungodly. We are doing our best. We inherited a bad government. Hastily judging us is not fair,” she said. 

Ms. Tambajang also took a swipe at the diasporan community, who have been bickering that the Barrow government fails to acknowledge their participation towards the democratic change.

“ President Barrow and his Ministers have time and time acknowledged the efforts of the diasporan community. Why does the diaspora wanted to be acknowledge just because you contributed your money to change the former government? So you cannot modestly contribute your money without being acknowledged? This issue of the diaspora expecting the government to acknowledge their contribution to the change, is unnecessary. Islam doesn’t encourage such things,” she said.

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