Gambia’s Women’s Affairs Minister Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang, said she has told the US Congress and the State Department to halt the planned deportation of Gambian illegals in the US, for humanity purposes. The Minister, who was addressing the Gambian Community in Washington, DC, did not give names of US officials she purportedly met during her visit. She claimed that she has made it clear to Congress and the State Department that there is no point deporting the Gambian illegals—given the fact that some of the illegals have been living, working, and paying taxes in the US during their stay in this country.

“ I met with Congress and the State Department. I raised the issue of the Gambian illegals lined up to be deported. I have made it clear to them that the deportations should be halted. The Gambian Immigrant Community are hardworking, responsible and law abiding. I told them that the deportations will cause mental anguish and trauma to the deportees. It is better they allow them to stay here. Some have been living here for ten and twenty years respectively.  Deporting them; might render them to go mental,” she said.

Ms. Tambajang failed to tell her audience if the US authorities have granted her purported request to allow the Gambian illegals to stay in the US. There is also no independent confirmation of her claims.

She was not received by any high ranking US official during her visit. If she does, it would have been publicized.  Ms. Tambajang is overseeing the position of Vice President. Her boss Barrow is yet to appoint anyone to fill the vacant post. 

She said she was here to thank Gambian partners and also solicit financial support, as the country’s economy has crashed. She said the Gambia, has less than two months import cover. Hence, she called for more aggressive efforts to rebuild the country. 

Over 3000 Gambian migrants have been lined up to be deported by the US government. The former Jammeh administration refused to accept deportees from the US.

Ms. Tambajang, told the meeting that Gambian migrants have been immensely contributing towards Gambia’s economy through monetary remittances. She did not say if the Barrow government will refuse to accept deportees from the US. She only said she pleaded with Congress and the State Department.

She also informed the gathering that Ambassador Sheikh Omar Faye, has been recalled for home services. She urged the gathering to pray for Mr. Faye, so that he can be reassigned somewhere in the Barrow government. 

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