Dear Editor,

I want to express my profound dismay about how  you have become a destructive force to not only to our new government but also to The Gambia’s relative Peace, stability and political inclusiveness in past several years . Mr Mbai , I must first of all acknowledged the role you played initially to expose military dictatorship in The Gambia when you established freedom newspaper and later freedom radio . However,  you have changed from original stand which was based on accountability, freedom and democracy to become a tabloid newspaper designed for sensationalism which has caused a lot of destruction in the lives of ordinary citizens in the past and present . I personally praised your efforts in the past when you educated Gambians about the regime of Yaya’s military dictatorship and its brutality to oppress Gambians . I continue to send my articles to freedom newspaper to educate Gambians about the past regime and current political leadership despite our differences  in approaches and political ideology.

As a concerned citizen, I would encourage you to stick with your original stand which was based on accountability and democratic values as we continue to engage the new political dispensation in our country. You have every right to expose the current government policies and corruptions which are detrimental to Gambian people but you must do so with substantial evidence or right information. It is rather unfortunate that you continue your  negative campaign to undermine the very government you claimed to have contributed to its installation. Freedom newspaper have now become the mouthpiece of the opposition APRC and criminal elements living in exile who have contributed to military dictatorship in The Gambia for the past 22 years. This is evidence by negative propaganda embarked on by these people to falsely accuse the current leadership in the government.

Fighting for dictatorship is over because we have a new government which is truly the will and aspirations of Gambian people. We need to hold them accountable based on the constitution of The Gambia and fair journalism ethics . This is the constitutional right of every responsible citizen whether you are an opposition or a supporter of the regime.

Mr Mbai , I am troubled by your latest dishonest political journalism you have embarked on to sow seeds of tribal political discord , to incite violence among various political parties supporters particularly between UDP and APRC supporters and to delegitimize the current government . This is evidence by your negative propaganda in which you called the new government an ” illegitimate government” , ” failed government ” “failed leadership ” or ” tribal government ” and other slanderous names in many of your unnecessary breaking news devoid of any substantive information to improve the political environment and socioeconomic status of Gambian people . Mr Mbai, such an irresponsible propaganda has the potential to cause tribal animosity among the Gambian people who have experienced first hand tribal vitriol and bigotry from the former Dictator Yaya Jammeh. If you are truly interested to see a tribal harmony and inclusiveness, you should start to publish positive stories which encourages tribal inclusiveness and cordial peaceful coexistence among tribes. This is what our country need right now than ignorance and bigotry tribalistic breaking news headlines which we have become too familiar with in freedom newspaper.

Today , you are in support of the very people who in the past you have castigated as unelectable, lack political honesty and clarity . Example, Some months ago, .you ran editorial to indicate the unelectability of Mr Halifa Sallah and his lack of political clarity in his messages. Today you are doing similar thing to discredit UDP leadership because of the simple of reason that UDP and NRP believe in tactical alliance. Where is the consistency,  fair and balance in your political journalism ? Yesterday Lawyer Darboe was your hero but today he is villain/enemy who is out there to destroy the country. Did you remind yourself that at some point, you need to take personal responsibility for your negative political journalism designed to suit your political view ?  No one is saying that you shouldn’t hold our leaders accountable but you must do within the confines of ethics of responsible journalism. The Gambia and Gambians are in fragile political environment which need neutral and responsible journalism that would move our country forward . This is why I would encourage you to stop your negativity and focus on responsible journalism. Let your heart not be troubled by my independence view . My goal is to keep you honest and to remind you to act as a responsible journalist.
Thank you for the space .

Written By Max 

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