The issue of tribalism is gripping in our political dispensation, denying such a looming threat further compounds the problem, tribalism and discrimination is an ugly reality eating its way up to create havoc in our county, president Barrow and his administration need to come up with stringent laws to help de-escalate or if possible curb such heinous evolving reality. 

Those denying it, are demonstrating and creating the illusion to deflect us from the looming reality by exhibiting methodologies to justify their weak arguments. Tribalist people are of different folds, which I’ll itemize below.  

1: Mis-information: These are uniformed tribalist, they simply don’t know any better of being taught ignorant, and as such they never have any contrary information, such kind of people can be helped by giving them factual information to diffuse the wrongs they’ve been taught, this might help to change their attitude and conduct towards other tribesmen or women 

2: The Insecure tribalist: These category of people are who they are because of insecurity, the don’t trust their own capability, giving such people information further petrifies them, they become more vehement, more determine in their determination to be more tribalist, such people can be restrained if stringent laws are put in place.

3: The Sick Tribalist: These categories of people careless about what one tell them, they’ll always maintain beyond any shadow of a doubt of the total inferiority of any tribe and the total superiority of everyone in his/ her tribe. These people will see intelligence and view it as ignorance, power and view as it weakness, most of them will get clear information but unable to change their conduct, these people need some psychological treatment  and if possible ignore them.

A tribal and xenophobic belligerent write-ups need to be exposed for condemnation, we as Gambians  must condemn any ugly and damning trait of tribalism in the strongest possible terms. There mustn’t  be any room for such heinous acts in our country. We must all stand strong shoulder to shoulder,  Mandinka, Wollof, Fula, Jola, Serre, Aku etc, to condemn and disavow inflammatory and hideous remarks of tribal and xenophobic charged intents. Lets united to fight tribalism of any sort or kind or every shape or form.

Finally, I want to rebuff the unfounded claims peddled around purporting me as someone who creates fake account to stir tribal tensions, it’s a lie and it doesn’t constitute the truth. This pattern isn’t new, as most unscrupulous people will associate any sincere person of being a tribalist who simply challenges them or speaks the truth, they cannot stand the truth and will go all out to defame honest people undeservedly.

Written By Samba P Jallow

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