“The Gambia, has decided for blackout. The Gambia, has decided for lack of water. The Gambia, has decided for tribalism.  Hey, let us be truthful, and speak the truth. How many Mandinka Ministers were in Jammeh’s cabinet? How many Mandinka Ministers, Jammeh has hired? Just two weeks ago, the Managing Director of ports was fired; the MD of NAWEC, fired; the Managing Director of GNPC fired; Managing Director of Social Security fired. You guys said, how many folks have Jammeh fired in a span of twenty two years? Let us compare Jammeh’s staff turnover and that of the two months of the current coalition government. Come on… Let us not fool each other. Gambians do not know tribalism. They said Jammeh was a tribalist. How? If he was a tribalist, I will not be employed by him. He will not employ me; likewise, Sheriff Bojang, likewise Alieu K Jammeh and others. Let us set aside tribalism. It has no place in our society. That’s the naked fact,” Ousman Jatta, AKA Rambo, a former Permanent Secretary at the State House, and also an APRC surrogate said during a political rally held at Bakau, Sanchanba yesterday. 

The charismatic and outspoken politician, took a swipe at the Barrow coalition government saying it has been reduced as a tribal regime, with other minorities excluded. He also talked about Halifa Sallah, the former face of the Coalition Government during the political impasse being marginalized by the Barrow regime. He said Mr. Sallah has been sidelined by the new government despite his immense contribution towards the political change. 

“I am a pure Mandinka. My mum and dad are both Mandinkas. So, what does that made me?  I am a Gambian; that is what is important. I have been coexisting with different tribes in this country over the years. Tribe doesn’t matter. Let us not fool each other. This is not a tribal country. No tribe owns this country. All tribes are equal in this country; 50-50,” Rambo added.

The firebrand APRC politician also criticized the Barrow government for overspending during this short period of time of Barrow’s ascending into the presidency. He alleged that millions were wasted during Barrow’s inauguration in Senegal, and the second inauguration held in Banjul.

“ I was told that over D 11 million dalasi was spent during Barrow’s swearing in ceremony in Dakar. Another D25 million was spent during the Independence celebrations. Oh… someone has just corrected me. Over D45 million, was spent in two months. I don’t believe in dilly dally. That’s why many people do not like me. I do not care! As far as I am telling the truth, I can stand alone. God will defend me,” he said.

Rambo also praised Yahya Jammeh’s exemplary leadership qualities. He claimed that Jammeh was one of the best leaders that the Gambia, has ever had as a nation.

“We have lost a leader. Anyone, who fails to acknowledge that’; you are jealous and disingenuous. People have started complaining. The is just the beginning. There is more to come,” he said while speaking in the Mandinka and Wollof dialects. 

“I remember president Jammeh inviting me in cabinet and other Ministers. He wanted to be filled in with a situational report about what was happening in the country during the political impasse. This is what a good leader does. Since he doesn’t go out, he asked his workers about what was going on in town. Someone told him that traffic was closed; another person told him that the schools were closed; and another person told him that an entire family was killed during a car wreck. He became distraught. He appearance changes automatically.  I could read remorse on his face; from a smiling face to a very stressed face. He then informed us that he was going to step down. That two presidents were coming to meet him. I received those guests from the airport. The 2016 elections was one of the most fraudulent elections the Gambia, has ever had,” he added.

Addressing an excited APRC crowd, Rambo, urged the people of Bakau, to vote the APRC candidate Kumba Barry. He described Kumba Barry, as the most qualified and competent candidate to represent the people of Bakau Sanchaba in the House. He said Mrs. Barry is not only articulate, but competent as well.

“Kumba Barry is competent. If you vote for any candidate other than Kumba Barry, you will regret it. Everybody is related to somebody. Do not vote for candidates based on family relations. Vote for the right candidate. This coming election is very crucial because the stability of this country lies on the National Assembly elections. If you do not vote for the right candidate, you may endanger the future of this country. As you may know, the first refugees have left the shores of this country… Nothing has happened yet, and refugees have started fleeing this country,” he remarked while alleging that the current government wants to dominate the House so that they can pass certain bills which favors the regime.

Rambo also said there is no one, who can ban the APRC. He added that the APRC is a legitimate registered political party saying “ We are not criminals. The APRC is the biggest political party in this country. You can ban a party, but you cannot ban its militants. We are here to stay.”

Rambo also discussed about his disappearance during Jammeh’s rule. He blamed certain people in Bakau, who used to be former Jammeh enablers of instigating his arrest. He called on the family concerned to shut up or otherwise he said, he, is going to expose them to the world.

“ President Jammeh was not behind my disappearance. There is a family here in Bakau, who used to work for the state, who conspired with others to render me disappear from my family. I know them. They know themselves. You have been making a lot of noise and lies off late. I will name and shame you, if you do not quit telling lies to Gambians,” he said.

Rambo also debunked claims that he fled the country during the political impasse. ” I will never runaway. I am not that type of a person. I am still here. Run for what? This is my country,” he said. 

“If you want to hear a bombshell; makes sure you come to Bakau Bantaba, on April 4th,” he concluded. 

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai 

Email: panderrymbai@gmail.com

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